Alabama at Arkansas NFL Draft Watch Notes

Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Before the season started, you might have circled this showdown between Alabama and Arkansas as one to keep an eye on. After Arkansas was upset by Louisiana Monroe last weekend, the stakes of this game went down considerably. Alabama has been playing lights out football, while Arkansas is now outside the top 25.

Regardless, some interesting NFL Draft prospects will take the field on Saturday afternoon, with the big storyline being whether or not potential first-round quarterback Tyler Wilson suits up for the Razorbacks. He suffered a head injury last week, but the team has been hush-hush about the situation.

After the jump, check out the prospects to watch, the key matchup and the question of the day.

Alabama 2013 NFL Draft Prospects

Offense - No. 65 - Chance Warmack, G - 6'2'',323 (Senior), No. 75 - Barrett Jones, OL - 6'4'', 305 (Senior), No. 76 - D.J. Fluker - 6'6'', 335 (Senior), No. 42 - Eddie Lacy, RB - 5'10'', 220 (Junior), No. 89 - Michael Williams, TE - 6'5'',272 (Senior), No. 83 - Kevin Norwood, WR - 6'1'', 195 (Junior)

Defense - No. 92 - Damion Square, DE -6'3'', 282 (Senior), No. 90 - Quinton Dial, DE - 6'5'', 304 (Senior) No. 35 - Nico Johnson, LB - 6'2'', 245 (Senior), No. 28 Dee Milliner - 6'1'', 198 (Junior), No. 37 - Robert Lester, S - 6'2'', 212 (Senior), No. 54 - Jesse Williams, NT - 6'3'',320 (Senior)

Arkansas 2013 NFL Draft Prospects

Offense: No. 8 - Tyler Wilson, QB - 6'2'', 220 pounds, No. 7 Knile Davis, RB - 6', 225 pounds, No. 33 Dennis Johnson, RB - 5'8'', 210 pounds, No. 80 Chris Gregg, TE - 6'3'', 235 pounds, No. 11 Cobi Hamilton, WR - 6'3'', 205 pounds

Defense: No. 43 Tenarius Wright, LB - 6'1, 242 pounds, No. 45 Alonzo Highsmith, LB - 6', 230 pounds, No. 14 Dylan Breeding, Punter - 6'1, 210 pounds

Key Matchup

Alabama running game vs. Arkansas front-seven

Alabama's offensive line is an absolute power house. Chance Warmack, Barrett Jones and D.J. Fluker are all legitimate NFL prospects at their positions, and running back Eddie Lacy takes full advantage of their tremendous blocking. Arkansas linebackers Tenarius Wright and Alonzo Highsmith are going to have their hands full with that ground game.

Question of the Night

Will Tyler Wilson play?

Tyler Wilson's availability for this game has been a sketchy topic leading into the weekend. It's tough to say whether he will play or not, but for the sake of evaluating him for the NFL Draft, this game would be huge. Of course, that's no reason for him to rush back from a head injury. Without Tyler Wilson, this game becomes a lot less appealing.

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