Angels Reportedly Exploring New Home

Angels Stadium is old, and don't think the Angels don't know it.

The Los Angeles Angels of the City of Industry?

Hey, don't laugh. Or go ahead and laugh. After all, any team that's essentially been named The Angels Angels of Anaheim deserves to be laughed at. Anyway, according to this report in the Los Angeles Daily News, the Angels of Anaheim might not be in Anaheim forever:

Angels officials have had preliminary talks about moving the Major League Baseball franchise from Anaheim to Industry, according to a source with close ties to Industry City Hall.

The team's lease at Angel Stadium in Anaheim is up in 2016, and the Angels at that time would either have to renew their agreement until 2029 or move to a new home.

How many caveats do you have time for?

Caveat: The land on which a new home for the Angels might be built might wind up being used instead for an NFL stadium.

Caveat: The people who live near that land -- not in Industry, but in nearby towns -- are dead-set against a stadium, and will fight like hell against one.

Caveat: The Angels draw like crazy in Anaheim. If Angels officials have had preliminary talks with non-Anaheim suitors, it's probably largely with the aim of creating leverage against Anaheim as 2016 nears.

The Angels, we may assume, are looking for more favorable lease terms, along with whatever shiny new baubles they can get. While The Big A has been renovated a few times, it's still the fourth-oldest ballpark in the major leagues, having first opened for business in 1964.

A few of my favorite facts about Industry, California (via The Big W):

  • The last U.S. Census recorded 219 residents. If Industry were to host the Angels, it would be the least-populous city to host an MLB franchise. By a lot.
  • The shopping-mall scenes in the Back to the Future movies were filmed at an Industry mall.
  • There's a McDonald's in Industry that is used "strictly for filming movies and commercials." (Imagine how frustrating that must be for hungry visitors!)
  • "City of Industry is also home to an unusual number of strip clubs, including the headquarters of the Spearmint Rhino chain."

Oh, and according to IMDB, the film City of Industry was filmed at 11 locations ... none of which were the City of Industry. Thank you, Internet.

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