Season Predictions on the Eve of Opening Day

Over the past 2-3 days I have gone through every game on the NFL schedule this season, and predicted the winner.

Before I put the results, a few things worth noting.

  1. If I envisioned two teams splitting the series, I gave the home team the win. The exception to that rule is if they meet in Week 17 and I figured the home team would not play the starters; in the case, it is possible the Week 17 away team got the sweep, or the season series is split with the away team in each case getting the win.
  2. At the end of predicting all the games, I was slightly surprised by some of the results. One example of note is the Giants finishing 2 games worse than the Cowboys. While considering the season in broader terms, I expect Dallas to have a nice season, I do not think they are as good as the Giants, and in some respect do not really think they win the division.
  3. Some of you may be very unhappy with what you see, but please realize this is based on my opinion of each of the 32 teams in the NFL. Fans tend to be somewhat biased when they look at "their team" and think they are better than they actually might be.
  4. Speaking of being biased, I tried my hardest to be as unbiased as I could when it came to the Jaguars. With the exception of maybe one game, I feel very confident that the Jaguars win every game I have them winning(barring injuries of course).

The results are below:

REGULAR SEASON:(if you are interested to see the week by week predictions, this should make you happy)

Patriots 14 2
Bills 12 4
Jets 4 12
Dolphins 2 14
Texans 11 5
Jaguars 8 8
Titans 7 9
Colts 6 10
Steelers 12 4
Ravens 9 7
Bengals 7 9
Browns 3 13
Broncos 9 7
Chiefs 7 9
Chargers 7 9
Raiders 6 10
Cowboys 12 4
Giants 10 6
Eagles 8 8
Redskins 4 12
Saints 10 6
Falcons 9 7
Panthers 8 8
Buccaneers 6 10
Packers 15 1
Bears 10 6
Lions 9 7
Vikings 5 11
49ers 11 5
Seahawks 7 9
Cardinals 4 12
Rams 4 12

POSTSEASON(winners in bold):

Wild Card:

Ravens @ Texans

Bills @ Broncos

Bears @ 49ers

Giants @ Saints


Broncos @ Patriots

Texans @ Steelers

Giants @ Packers

49ers @ Dallas


Texans @ Patriots

Giants @ 49ers

Super Bowl:

49ers @ Patriots (@ Saints)

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