2013 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings: An Early Look at the top prospects

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The 2013 NFL Draft is shaping up to be another strong draft at the quarterback position. Headlined by Matt Barkley, the class is deep with both seniors and juniors.

After watching games from 2011 and having a week of college football under our belts, I thought now was a good time to release my preliminary rankings for the 2013 quarterbacks.

Each of these quarterbacks has plenty of time to move up or down draft boards, but here's how I would rank the quarterback class at this point in the season.

1. Matt Barkley | 6'2, 230 pounds | Southern California

Matt Barkley has a firm grasp on the top spot in quarterback rankings across the country. His biggest shortcoming is his height. Despite standing at just 6-feet-2-inches tall, Barkley presents a set of tools that could make him the top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. He has a strong, accurate arm. He is advanced at going threw his reads and delivering a catchable ball to his receivers. To top it all off, he is experienced as a leader in a pro-style offense.

2. Tyler Bray | 6'6, 220 pounds | Tennessee (Junior)

Tyler Bray is not this high on many boards, but his arm talent is too great for me to ignore. Possessing a tall but skinny frame, Bray stands tall in the pocket and absolutely fires the ball to his receivers. He has a gunslinger's mentality and is not afraid to fit the ball into any window. Some view that as a negative, but I love that Bray is a confident competitor who wants to make tough plays with his arm. He does occasionally get lazy with his footwork, causing inaccurate passes, and he has an injury history. Those two things keep him from the top spot.

3. Tyler Wilson | 6'3, 220 pounds | Arkansas

Tyler Wilson is a strong-armed passer who is tough as nails in the pocket. He is very competitive and shows an ability to make throws on the run and from weird arm angles. His accuracy was inconsistent and he didn't play his best in some of Arkansas' biggest games. Those are two areas he'll need to improve on in 2012.

4. Geno Smith | 6'3, 214 pounds | West Virginia

Geno Smith is a smooth athlete with a rocket arm. He has put up some incredible numbers at West Virginia, but transitioning from Dana Holgerson's system to the NFL could be tricky. Still, Smith's physical traits make him an attractive prospect and one that will shoot up draft boards.

5. Logan Thomas | 6'6, 262 pounds | Virginia Tech (Junior)

Upside is the buzz word when people are talking about Logan Thomas. With his massive frame, strong arm and rushing ability, upside is certainly an appropriate word to use. However, inconsistent is just as appropriate. His accuracy is not where it needs to be, and Thomas needs to do a better job of keeping his eyes down field and going through his progressions. He has a lot of maturing to do as a passer.

6. Zac Dysert | 6'4, 228 pounds | Miami (Ohio)

Zac Dysert is an impressive quarterback despite playing in the MAC. His big frame and strong arm will get him noticed, but his toughness in the pocket and ability to read defenses is most impressive. This kid is a leader and deserves to be higher on most boards.

7. Aaron Murray | 6'1, 211 pounds | Georgia (Junior)

Aaron Murray is a gutsy, experienced quarterback in the SEC, which will carry a lot of weight on draft day. While he is a bit undersized, Murray has a strong enough arm to make any throw and isn't afraid to take a hit. His footwork and accuracy can both be a bit inconsistent at times, though. His third year as a starter will be key.

8. Keith Price | 6'1, 195 pounds | Washington (Junior)

Keith Price is oozing with physical ability. A gifted runner and passer, Price has made some jaw-dropping plays in his career. Price needs to develop into a more consistent threat week-to-week, however, in order to win over talent evaluators.

9. Landry Jones | 6'4, 229 pounds | Oklahoma

Landry Jones will get a lot of praise for the great numbers he puts up, but he's not much of an NFL prospect. He needs a clean pocket and wide open receivers to make plays. His mechanics gets thrown out of whack when he faces pressure, and in big games, he tends to fade. Needs to improve by leaps and bounds in his senior season.

10. E.J. Manuel | 6'5, 238 pounds | Florida State

E.J. Manuel possesses decent physical tools. He's big, has a strong arm and is able to make plays with his feet. But his accuracy is all over the place, and he always locks onto one receiver. He's incredibly raw at this point.

11. Mike Glennon | 6'6, 232 pounds | North Carolina State

A strong arm will only take a quarterback so far. Mike Glennon needs to learn to go through reads instead of locking onto his target. It also wouldn't hurt for him to improve his accuracy. He's a day three pick at best.

12. Ryan Nassib | 6'2', 230 pounds | Syracuse

Ryan Nassib is confident, athletic and has a strong arm. Those three traits alone intrigue me. He is also a good leader and has decent accuracy. I want to watch more of his games before moving him up this list, but his senior season is off to a strong start.

On the bubble: Jordan Rodgers (Vanderbilt), Brad Sorensen (Southern Utah), Sean Renfree (Duke), Alex Carder (Western Michigan), Casey Pachall (TCU)

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