GIF Tournament III: No. 4 'Courtney Kirkland/Kris Humphries' vs. No. 10 'Lakersbro'

A field of 32 animated GIFs has been whittled down to four. Tuesday, we vote to decide which two GIFs will compete in the championship.




Received 735 votes in Round 1, 777 votes in Round 2, and 790 votes in Round 3.

I guess I value unintentional humor more than someone who tries to be funny knowing the camera is going to be on him (I’m looking at you, Brian Wilson). Plus it’s great that poor Kris Humphries is never talked about for anything positive, his life is just a sad trombone.

- Valued Internet subscriber Steve75

There's a 30 for 30 behind that Kirkland GIF, I just know it.

- Valued Internet subscriber nickjs21

how often do you see a 5 ft. referee try to stuff a 7 ft player shooting a free throw?

his run-up makes it seem premeditated. i like that

- Valued Internet subscriber Area Sports Athlete



Received 599 votes in Round 1, 822 votes in Round 2, and 699 votes in Round 3.

I’ve watched it over a hundred times, and just now noticed that Frank Robinson is sitting directly in front of these two goons. If the look on his face is any indication, he grew tired of the “AWWW DEEEEUDE, PAUL KASALL LOOKS LIKE A WEIRD BIRD DEED!” and “FECKIN’ A BRO YOU SEE THAT DUNK BY CODY BYRONT?!” stuff long before this shot.

- Riley Breckenridge of Productive Outs

LakersBro was pure chance, to pull out a fan in a full stadium while he’s busting out such a Keanu Reeves overbite ala Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure accompanied with a reverse “Deal With It” sunglasses flip, is a gift from the gif gods.

- Valued Internet subscriber Steve75

But the lady in LAKERSBROS that can’t figure out what to do with her head (bottom right) adds the extra layer of greatness that is needed for GIF immortality.

- Valued Internet subscriber simscity


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