The List: Parts of sports we wish were hoaxes

And now, back to "Yellin' and Yellin'" - Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Sometimes, as sports fans, we really wish we'd been played for fools. It would be easier to tolerate.

What if you could pick an aspect of sports to be Catfished by? Here's our short list of the things in sports that we'd most want to be hoaxes:

- Skip Bayless, obviously

- Cleatus

- The "Discount Double-Check" commercials

- Lockouts

- Sports shows where two guys bicker at one another for an hour

- The New York Yankees (seems too good to be true, right?)

- Skip Bayless

- People who make signs spelling out a network name and bring them to a sporting event just to get on TV

- Dana White

- Rampant anti-monster truck bias in sports media

- Concussions

- Cancellation of BattleBots (still hoping!)

- Jon Gruden rumors

- Raiders fans

- Bob Costas' Weekly Moment O' Gravitas

- $8 for a stadium hot dog? Really?

- Skip Bayless

- The Chicago Cubs, because no one deserves that pain

- The Napa Know-How Man

- The Designated Hitter

- Bill Plaschke

- The guy in the nosebleed seats who thinks the players can hear his lone heckling voice

- Alabama (the state)

- Greg Oden's injuries

- The Jacksonvile Jaguars, 2002-2012

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