An incomplete list of individuals Steve Nash has assisted

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

You can't get to 10,000 assists without feeding a whole lot of recipients.

With this perfectly placed dime to Antawn Jamison on Tuesday night, Steve Nash recorded his 10,000th assist as an NBA player, becoming just the fifth NBA player to do so. Ten thousand! That took Nash over 16 years -- 1,161 games in 5,912 days -- and, because we're talking about assists, a whole lot of cooperation from a whole lot of teammates.

Somewhere, there must exist a list of every single individual ever to score off a Steve Nash assist. We don't have that list, but we're sure it's quite lengthy and populated with a fascinating variety of characters. Without further ado, here is an incomplete, quasi-chronological list of people Steve Nash has assisted over the years en route to 10,000:

- Danny Manning (first one ever!)

- Jason Kidd (Number two on the all-time assist list, 1,964 ahead of Nash)

- Horacio Llamas

- Hot Rod Williams (two teams)

- Scott Williams

- Antonio McDyess

- Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman had 12 field goals as a Maverick. I'm guessing one of them came from Nash.)

- Cedric Ceballos (two teams)

- Michael Finley (two teams)

- Kevin Johnson

- Avery Johnson

- Joe Johnson

- Linton Johnson

- Lady Bird Johnson

- Not Darius Johnson-Odom

- Damon Jones

- Popeye Jones

- James Jones

- Jumaine Jones

- Andruw Jones

- Dirk Nowitzki

- Wang Zhizhi

- Shawn Bradley

- Antoine Walker

- Antawn Jamison, Maverick

- Jackson Vroman

- Amare Stoudemire

- Amar'e Stoudemire

- Raja Bell

- Jacks Van Moron (Jackson Vroman's alter ego)

- Quentin Richardson

- Jason Richardson

- Earl Barron

- A very appreciative Channing Frye

- Kobe Bryant, kinda

- Dwight Howard

- Baron Davis

- Barry Pepper

- Gary Trent

- Larry Bowa

- Mary I

- Littlefoot

- Chef Boyardee

- A stop sign

- Loren Meyer

- Antawn Jamison, Laker

To name a few. Let us know who we missed!

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