Doctors working ‘hour-by-hour’ to save Michael Schumacher’s life

Vladimir Rys

Michael Schumacher remains in a coma fighting for his life following brain surgery.

Michael Schumacher remains in critical condition and in a medically induced coma one day after undergoing neurological surgery following a ski accident. His recovery prognosis is not yet known and doctors are working "hour-by-hour" to save his life.

The news comes following a press conference Monday conducted by Schumacher's doctors at the University Hospital of Grenoble where the former Formula One champion is being treated. Contrary to reports in France and Germany, doctors say Schumacher has not undergone a second operation and there are no plans to do so at this time.

Though conscious immediately after the incident, the 44-year-old's condition quickly worsened. When he first arrived at the hospital Schumacher was in an "agitated" state and was having "spontaneous movements," doctors said.

When he fell and struck a rock while skiing in the French Alps, Schumacher was wearing a helmet which saved his life. The blow he incurred was on the right side of his head.

Among the doctors involved is Gerard Saillant, a brain injury expert who is also president of the FIA Institute, which "develops and improves motor sport safety and sustainability." The FIA Institute was founded by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of Formula One. Saillant has previous experience operating on Schumacher from when the German broke his leg during the 1999 British Grand Prix.

The most accomplished driver in Formula One history, Schumacher is a seven-time World Champion and the winner of 91 Grand Prixs. He retired from the sport a second time following the 2012 season.

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