2013 Westminster Dog Show odds: Doberman pinscher is favorite


For entertainment purposes only, Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino set the doberman pinscher as the favorite at the 137th edition of the Westminster Dog Show.

Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you. I've got a hot tip on the dogs for ya.

Bet on the doberman pinscher.

But you're trying to make the highest return on your investment, you might want to go with the Irish (red and white) setter.

Dobermans and setters don't sound like they could keep up with a greyhound, you say? Well, the greyhound's odds are only 1000-1.

Oh, but we're not talking about your local dog racing park here. We're talking Madison Square Garden, the site of the 137th annual Westminster Dog Show.

Johnny Avello, lead bookmaker at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, released its best-in-show odds -- for entertainment purposes only, of course -- as the casino does not accept betting on the event. Speaking with Bloomberg Businessweek about what could only be described as a rather strange and difficult task, Avello explained that he uses a mixture of research and gut feeling to lay the odds:

"To me there are maybe 10 or 12 dogs with a shot to win this. ... Poodles are always there, though I don't really like the poodle to win it this year. The Scottish terrier's always in the mix. The English springer spaniel always seems to do well. These are all consistently good-every year you'll find an English springer spaniel that's good."

This year Avello settled on the doberman pinscher to win. Although he only put odds by breed, he's actually got specific in this case.

Fifi ...

The Fifinator.

"She's won some shows, gathered a lot of points," Avello told Businessweek. "She was always right up there if she didn't win it."

You can view all the odds for yourself here -- keeping in mind that Tuesday is the second day of competition, so more than half of the breeds have already been eliminated from title contention. However, Avello favored the sporting breed heavily, so many of its competitors remain.

The shortest and longest odds of remaining breeds:

Doberman Pinscher, 7-1.
German Wirehaired Pointer, 8-1.
Fox Wirehaired Terrier, 10-1.
Affenpinscher, 11-1. (The Affenpinscher won the toy group on Monday.)
English Springer Spaniel, 12-1.

American English Coonhound, 2000-1
Anatolian Shepherd Dog, 2000-1
Terriers (Manchester, Glen of Imaal, Dandie Dinmont, Cesky or Cairn versions), 2000-1
Irish (Red and White) Setter, 2000-1
Boykin Spaniel, 2000-1

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