The Week in Worst: National Blowin' it Association

This was ALSO an air ball. - USA TODAY Sports

It's the triumphant(?) return of the Week in Worst! Now with basketball!

Welcome back, everyone! We missed both of you. Even though football season is over and baseball players have only just reported to leagues both Grapefruit and Cactus, it appears there is a THIRD sport still very much in session! One which contains no shortage of awful plays that lend themselves well to being captured in GIF form, so that you may watch them over and over again.*

* Reports of an archaic FOURTH sport -- one played with "stick" and "puck" -- are woefully unconfirmed at this stage.

So now we turn ourselves to basketball, and the myriad of terribleness contained therein. There will be no shortage of JaVale McGee in these columns, nor of airballs or Chris Bosh shenanigans. If you stick around long enough, you just might see a Blake Griffin flop or eight!

An important note here: yes, we are starting the basketball GIFery beginning with the week that featured the All-Star Game. We are not including the All-Star Game or its numerous GIFs, because pretty much everything about that weekend (non-Kyrie Irving division) was pretty awful, by design. So as much as we like to laugh at Kevin Hart being awful at everything, or Jeff Teague's world's saddest slam dunk, we're just going to omit all that business in Houston. If you want to see a million GIFs*, please visit our All-Star Game StoryStream, or our Slam Dunk Contest StoryStream, or our Rising Stars Challenge StoryStream, or whatever floats your boat.

* Literally a million.

Here are the worst basketball plays from Feb. 9-18, 2013.

Worst Technical Foul

Player: Dwyane Wade

Date: Feb. 14


(Click to animate)

Here we have D-Wade running into Nick Collison (heh, more like Nick Collision, am I right?) and then winging the ball at him in frustration. That's not very cool, Dwyane! At the very least, you're gonna want to try to retain possession of the ball! I don't care if there was a whistle; you should have been charged with a turnover, as well. Or would have recorded a "1" under the "big old meanie" column. That's an advanced metric that hasn't caught on yet, but just you wait, mister.

Worst Attempted Buzzer-Beater

Player: Kyrie Irving

Date: Feb. 13


Down by one point in the fourth quarter and with time running out, if you're a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, you want the ball in the hands of young supernova Kyrie Irving. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans of buzzer-beating shots fall by the wayside. And sometimes you try to zig and zag and just end up looking like a doofus and falling on your hip. Better luck next time, Kyrie.

Worst Deflection

Game: Denver Nuggets vs. Brooklyn Nets

Date: Feb. 13


(Click to animate)

In some ways, this could have counted as "worst pass," but it ended up as Brooklyn's ball, so it couldn't be the worst pass (and there is a worse pass than this, anyway). So this entry could also be called "Worst Way To Retain Possession." Either way, I think we can all agree that this is just a big pile of bad. Look at that ball fly! Wheeee!

Worst Goaltending

Player: JaVale McGee

Date: Feb. 9


(Click to animate)

Oh, JaVale. That's not how you're supposed to play basketball at all. Even I know that, because when I was 12 I played like a hundred games of NBA Jam and couldn't figure out why the other team got points every time I would snatch the ball out of the air like a graceful eagle. You probably felt like a graceful eagle too, JaVale, but this isn't eagleball, it's basketball. And you can't do that in basketball. (Note to self: invent eagleball.)

Worst Flop

Player: JaVale McGee

Date: Feb. 9


(Click to animate)


Worst Pass

Player: Tristan Thompson

Date: Feb. 9


(Click to animate)

There were certainly several contenders for this category over the last week before the All-Star break. Besides the Nets-Nuggets deflection above, there was also this catastrophic attempt at showing off by Dwyane Wade, as well as this abysmal jump-bounce-pass by ... Dwyane Wade. But Tristan Thompson takes the cake with this "NYEHHHH" pass straight to the Nuggets. Check out his hang-dog reaction to being the worst. That's some good pathos, right there.

Worst Free Throw

Player: DeAndre Jordan

Date: Feb. 14


I really wanted to give this one to JaVale. Seriously. But look at this shot. Just look at it. Bask in it. Even Shaquille O'Neal is like "smh" after this shot. The ball smacks the backboard a solid eight inches from the right edge of the hoop. Look at DeAndre's painfully embarrassed, frozen follow-through. Look at the other five players in the shot all sort of just observing the horror, slowly drawn in shared humiliation toward the bounce. Keep working at it, DeAndre. You'll sink one eventually.

Worst Landing

Player: Kevin Durant

Date: Feb. 14


Jeepers creepers, Kevin. Don't land on your -- aw man. Hey, buddy, you gotta not -- aw geez. Just try not to -- oof, right on the face. Didn't I want you about -- gadzooks, stop that! You should just try to -- fudgecicles, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Worst Save Attempt

Player: Blake Griffin

Date: Feb. 10


Imagine if no one had ever seen Blake Griffin or Chris Paul except for this GIF. They'd probably think these two had about as much athleticism as Laurel and Hardy. I especially like Griffin just winging the ball as hard as he can at CP3, who is maybe four feet away. Griffin has no idea how to do anything at less than 150 percent, including flopping, dunking or being in Subway commercials. What I'm getting at is Blake would be a terrible Clark Kent, just constantly crushing hands into powder during handshakes, demolishing refrigerators when getting a snack and going through 10 typewriters a day. Dial it back just a smidgen, Blake.

Worst Example of Being Chris Bosh

Player: Chris Bosh

Date: Feb. 14


Bosh gonna Bosh. At times more than others. Please never change, Chris. If you do, the GIF industry may never recover.

Worst Airball

Players: Matt Barnes, Brandon Jennings, Jamal Crawford



(Click to animate)


Yep, it's a three-way tie this week for Worst Airball. Because look at this crap. All of these are completely awful. The closest any of these come is Jennings' sad last-gasp shot just kissing the bottom of the net. Yes, these all came from long distance, but you're supposed to be professionals, guys. Get it together.

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