Bill Belichick longest-tenured NFL head coach heading into 2013 season

Jim Rogash

With recent turnover among some veteran NFL head coaches, only two have ten seasons or more under their belt with their current team. There are 21 head coaches with three years or less. Let's take a look under the hood...

There's a 10-year club among NFL head coaches, and currently there are only two members. Bill Belichick was hired by the New England Patriots in 2000, and Marvin Lewis by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. That's it.

The 2013 season will see Tom Coughlin added to that group, as he was hired by the New York Giants in 2004.

Belichick and Coughlin have led their teams to multiple Super Bowls, and Lewis has managed to hang by a thread for the better part of his tenure with the Bengals.

The 10-year club used to have a lot more members.

Jeff Fisher spent 17 years as head coach of the Houston Oilers/ Tennessee Titans (1994-2010), and Andy Reid spent 14 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles (1999-2012).

Almost making it a decade were Jack Del Rio, who spent nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2003-2011), John Fox, nine with the Carolina Panthers (2002-2010) and Lovie Smith, who gave the Chicago Bears nine seasons (2004-2012).

On the flip side of things, there have been a LOT of head coaches turned over in recent years. Here is a breakdown of head coaches with new teams:


Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys


Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans

Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers

John Fox, Denver Broncos

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers


Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams

Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders

Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins

Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts


Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars

Rod Chudzinski, Cleveland Browns

Marc Trestman, Chicago Bears

Doug Marrone, Buffalo Bills

Bruce Arians, Arizona Cardinals

Every team is different, as some owners and general managers are more reluctant to make changes than others, but when 21 head coaches have three years or less with their current club, the nickname Not For Long seems accurate. One-fourth of the entire NFL turned over the head coaching position this season alone, and recent history suggests there will be at least four or five more that does so after 2013.

Is anyone safe? There are probably a handful of coaches who have nothing to worry about, but for most of the league, owners and general managers are asking: What have you done for us lately? That's not a question to be taken lightly in the NFL.

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