Cedric Collins recruit scouting report: Playmaking 2014 cornerback

Cedric Collins after his commitment to A&M - ESPN (YouTube)

Collins will be a four-year starter for one of the top talent-producing programs in the country.

Texas-based defensive back Cedric Collins is receiving interest from some of the nation's most prestigious programs. The consensus four-star recruit from Dallas' Skyline High School stands just 5'10 and weighs just 163, but his athleticism has made him one of the nation's most coveted recruits.

Collins has been rated as a four-star prospect by Rivals, Scout, and 24/7 recruiting scouts. In its first 2014 ratings in Feburary, 24/7 rated Collins the nation's #91 recruit, while Rivals ranked him #185 overall. Collins is rated as the nation's #16 cornerback by Scout. He holds a dozen offers, from both inside the state of Texas (Texas A&M, TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston, SMU) and outside (Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ole Miss).

You can follow Cedric Collins on Twitter at @ced02_picksix, which is one of the most creative Twitter handles in high school football this year.

Cedric Collins Class of 2014 DB - Dallas Skyline (via TexasPreps)

SB Nation Recruiting analyst Wescott Eberts:

Collins lacks elite size and mass for the cornerback position, but is going to be a four-year starter at one of the top talent-producing high schools in the entire country, which is no easy feat. He's also considered one of the top defensive backs in Texas in perhaps the deepest class at the position in recent memory.

Playing cornerback requires great feet and Collins has them. HIs quickness allows him to hang with wide receivers on the outside and break on the football in the air, where he has the ability to finish plays with interceptions. Stone-handed he is not.

With the ball in his hands, Collins seems to have the vision of a top running back, able to weave his way through traffic to turn interceptions into touchdowns several times as a sophomore.

Collins often plays bail technique, so he benefits from being able to have his eyes on the quarterback as much as an receivers. Many of his interceptions come on plays where he is bailing at the and doesn't have to backpedal,which may be something he has to work on at the college level. It also means that he may need some development in terms of playing press coverage as well.

As a tackler, there's not nearly as much on film as there is of him hauling in interceptions and his size could impact him there, but there are a couple of flashes that indicate he's willing to stick his head in there and get physical.

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