Super Bowl 47 halftime show review: Beyoncé and Destiny's Child star in GIFs, the Superdome

Scott Halleran

Beyoncé stuck to her hits and her ladies throughout her Super Bowl 47 halftime show.

Pepsi advertised the Super Bowl 47 halftime show as fan made, and it opened to the tune of Beyoncé's "Countdown," as pictures from fans forming numbers helped count down from 10 to one. Then their queen Bey took the stage and tore it down.

"Run the World (Girls)" drums and an a cappella "Love On Top" intro into "Crazy in Love," which was used for its first verse, a dance breakdown, and a bit with a guitar shooting off sparks. Also, Bey did this:

Beyoncé then transitioned to "End of Time" with a long instrumental intro/dance break, and performed one verse of it before moving on to an unassisted "Baby Boy" that included some of Sean Paul's bits played as backup.

The only assist from other famous performers came from Beyoncé's Destiny's Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who were physically launched onto the stage from beneath it and sang a bit of "Bootylicious" before segueing into "Independent Women Part 1" and finishing the song -- which was part of the Charlie's Angels reboot's soundtrack -- with "Good morning, Charlie" and the classic Angels' pose.

After asking her fellow Children, "Ladies, can you help me sing this?" the married-to-Jay-Z Beyoncé launched into "Single Ladies." Rowland and Williams each sang part of the first verse, and Beyoncé herself finished the song by leading dozens of dancers on stage in the dances done in the "Single Ladies" video, and pointing at her ring finger -- which was conspiciously ring-free, and gloved.

From there, Beyoncé closed with "Halo," bathing the Superdown in blue light, dropping to her knees...

...and ending with "Thank you for this moment, God bless."

The best part of the set, for my money, was the incredible stage beneath Beyoncé, which looked like a pair of faces from above and changed with the songs.



Set list:

"Run the World (Girls)" (Instrumental)
"Love On Top" (a cappella)
"Crazy in Love"
"End of Time"
"Baby Boy"
"Independent Women Part 1"
"Single Ladies"

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