Kobe Bryant's ankle is swollen and confusing

This is a photo of Kobe Bryant's swollen ankle. It confused the entire SBNation.com staff.

Vanessa Bryant, wife of recently injured Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, posted a picture of what sort of looks like Kobe Bryant's swollen ankle on Instagram. This sparked immediate mass confusion in the SB Nation newsroom for reasons no one may ever fully understand. The actual dialogue with slight editing follows.

Bill H: had to throw the "snuff film" filter on that ankle snap, eh?

Martin R: 8mm style

Bill H: i can barely even understand what i'm looking at

Chris M: what is that photo telling us, other than he has an ankle and a foot?

Jason K: looks swollen to me

Ryan H: it's super swollen. See?


Chris M: oh!

Bill H: lol

Jason K: just checked and my ankle doesnt look like that

Chris M: it doesnt look abnormal to me, but im no doctor! i have big bones

Spencer H: It's the Loch Ness Monster of injuries

Bill H: i have no idea what a thin man's ankle is meant to look like

Chris M: OHHHHHHH. the ANKLE! (i understand what an ankle is. im saying it doesnt look abnormal to me.)

Spencer H: Post it first without that, note that it's vague and then use the "helpful: illustration. Like, "Oh, now it's totally clear!" <--isn't clear at all.

Jason K: yall got some f****d-up ankles

Mike P: i suppose i can get it, not sure what spencer means by those instructions on how to write it though

Spencer H: point out that it is a vague weird photo that sort of resembles a swollen ankle maybe. then add a totally useless circle that makes it like 1% more clear. because we are overanalyzing this because he is a celebrity athlete and someone took a fuzzy photo of his ankle.

Bill H.: #jokes

Mike P: uh ok, i'll try my best, i'm not usually the best at

Spencer H: I'll do it

Mike P: i'll do it

Sharp: i can do it!


Spencer H: Nah, I got it.


Mike P: hah ok

Ryan H: ha

Chris M: lets just post this entire conversation about the update as the update

Bill H: that's what i was thinking

Spencer H: Fine fine FINE we'll do that god this is stupid

(HT: Deadspin)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Kobe himself has posted a picture of his swollen ankle.


Here is our analysis.


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