This Week In GIFs: Nose-picking and terrible interior design

This week, we're being treated to a couple of GIFs that are sure to be instant classics. Vote, and help us determine the best of the week.

Happy Friday, y'all, and welcome once again to THIS WEEK IN GIFs. It's a strong week. Like, I'd give this one about an 8.0/10 rating, and I reckon there are three GIFs here that would totally deserve to be in the next GIF TOURNAMENT.

Thanks to an errant tree branch knocking out my power, I was unable to appear in this week's video, but it's important to hear from fellow GIF enthusiasts Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein, lest you vote wrongly. Here are their picks:

Voting closes at 11 p.m. Sunday, as usual. Enjoy!



(Via Sam Biddle)

Once in a while, I'll hold myself to a challenge in which I intentionally ignore something or deny myself information about a particular thing. Example: the "Gangnam Style" came out last summer, and I managed to successfully not watch it until November. I didn't see a single "Harlem Shake" video until a couple weeks ago. Et cetera. And I don't do this for any particular reason. It's not that I hate or resent these things. I actually thought Gangnam Style was pretty good when I finally saw it!

It's just a thing I do, and that's how I'm going to roll with this GIF. I know Eli Manning is probably promoting some sort of product at a press event, but I feel that this GIF will be more enjoyable to me if I never find out for sure. That's totally a porch couch, dude, get that mess out of your rotating rave-den.



(Via Ben Swanson)

That is a backwards oop-jam, and I don't figure Andre Iguodala to be one of those JaVale McGee-esque goofballs who would just luck into that by pure accident. Dude planned that all along.

That's a thing I love about basketball, and the NBA in particular. A player in any other sport can score in magnificent fashion, yes, but Sidney Crosby catches the puck with his stick and scoops it in because it makes sense, and/or he has to in order to score. In moments like Mr. Iguodala's here, he executes with a flourish that's completely extracurricular. It surely fits at least a couple definitions of art.



This is some masterful camera work from the CBS camera person during Selection Sunday.

Tangent: I swear, at least 25 percent of the iPhones I see have glass like this. Not just one crack, but a whole panel that's just shattered and barely holding itself together. When I bought my iPhone last year, I decided to pick up a protective case off Amazon for like $10, and the salesman chided me for not spending $50 on some heavy-duty job on the spot. "It's glass," he said. "Think about it." Yeah but dude just spent 20 minutes trying to sell me this phone, right? It's the "dirty up your windshield and then offer to squeegee it for a buck" hustle of the 21st century.



I like Chris Kaman, and this abomination of a fast-break score attempt makes me like him more. Also he looks exactly like Will Oldham.



Shaquille White-Miller, the point guard at Texas-Arlington, is 5'9". If you saw him walking down the street, you would never think, "that person is short!" Put him up against New Mexico State's Sim Bhullar and he instantly shrinks to negative-three feet. Dude is 7'5" and 355 pounds, and it's a drag we only got to see him for a single round.



(Via @bubbaprog)

Maaaaan, Gumbel almost shook Johnson's clenched fist. He thought about it. He so thought about it.



(Via Ben Swanson)

He digs, he wipes, he digs again, he examines his prize, and then he winks at us, and he has hair from 1987. We talk sometimes about the Perfect GIF. Well, here's one.


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