Thomas Robinson felt like he was dumped when traded by Sacramento Kings

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Robinson says that he felt as if he was "dumped" and "disrespected" when he was sent to the Houston Rockets by the Kings.

Thomas Robinson, the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, was traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Houston Rockets in a stunning deal prior to the NBA trade deadline this season.

How does the rookie feel about being traded to the Rockets now that the smoke has settled? Robinson was recently interviewed and revealed that he felt both happy and disrespected, as if he was dumped, and stated that the next time the Rockets and Kings play one another he's going to make his ex "hate him," via Maurice Bobb of Slam Online:

"I don’t know…happy, disrespected. Somewhere between those two. I feel like I got dumped. That’s how I feel. Bad breakup. So I’m gonna make my ex hate me the next time they see me.

Robinson also gave a self-evaluation of his rookie season thus far and gave himself a "D-minus" while revealing the facet of his game he most wants to improve on is finishing at the rim since he "doesn't have a problem getting there at all," via Bobb:

SLAM: What facets of your game do you need to work on?

TR: At this level, finishing under the basket. I don’t have a problem getting there at all, but sometimes, I tend to rush it once I do get there and not finishing as well as I know I could.

SLAM: What grade would you give yourself for this year?

TR: I’d grade myself a D-minus.

Since joining the Rockets, Robinson has played in four games while averaging 16.5 minutes, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.8 rebounds per game.

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