The Brooklyn Nets have struggled to draw viewers nationally


The Nets now have been involved in some of the least-watched games on ESPN and TNT this season

Despite increased local ratings and huge buzz from their move to Brooklyn, the new-look Nets haven't been much of a draw on national television.

Nets ratings on the YES Network have jumped 262 percent, but the Nets haven't exactly been a boost for TNT and ESPN. Their Thursday night showdown with the Bulls (who are, admittedly, banged up) drew 1.05 million viewers for Turner, one of their lowest audiences of the season. That follows up a game between Brooklyn and Dallas on March 20 that drew just 982,000 viewers, the second-least watch game on ESPN all season.

Other than on two occasions, Nets ratings have been mediocre at best. On cable, a solid NBA game should hit above 2 million viewers, a plateau Brooklyn has hit just twice: on Christmas Day (3.7 million for Nets/Celtics) and with the Miami Heat at the Barclays Center (2.0 million on Jan. 30).

The Nets rivalry with the Knicks has also proved to be disappointing TV. All three games on TNT and ESPN drew around 1.6-1.8 million. The last time the Knicks faced the New Jersey Nets on national television in April of 2011 on ESPN, the two teams drew 1.5 million.

2012-13 Brooklyn Nets national television ratings

Boston vs. Brooklyn, Nov. 15 (TNT): 1.4 million

New York vs. Brooklyn, Nov. 26 (TNT): 1.7 million

New York vs. Brooklyn, Dec. 11 (ESPN): 1.7 million

Brooklyn vs. New York, Dec. 19 (ESPN): 1.68 million

Boston vs. Brooklyn, Dec. 25 (ESPN): 3.7 million

Miami vs. Brooklyn, Jan. 30 (ESPN): 2.0 million

San Antonio vs. Brooklyn, Feb. 10 (ESPN): 1.3 million

Dallas vs. Brooklyn, Mar. 20 (ESPN): 982,000

Brooklyn vs. Portland, Mar. 27 (ESPN): 1.5 million

Chicago vs. Brooklyn, Apr. 4 (ESPN): 1.05 million

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