The Rock vs. John Cena: WWE Championship goes to the challenger at Wrestlemania 29

Michael N. Todaro

And everyone lived happily ever after.

John Cena is the new WWE Champion after defeating The Rock in their Wrestlemania 29 main event reprisal, reversing the result from last year. Following the match, Cena thanked The Rock for being awesome, and then the two shook hands and hugged. Aww.

The match, which was mildly interesting last year, had much less intrigue coming in this time around, and it kicked off with a staring contest of epic proportions, as no one actually tried to attack for more than 10 seconds at a time at the beginning of the match.

A man who makes children's movies against a man whose main schtick is that he wears jorts, staring at each other for five minutes before they actually started to do anything. This is what your product is now, WWE. These are your headliners.

Anyway, because it was the main event, Rock and Cena delivered plenty of signature moves and finishers. Rock recovered from multiple Attitude Adjustments and Five-Knuckle Shuffles (seriously, Cena has a signature move that's a masturbation joke) while also breaking out of the STF a few times. Cena was nowhere near incapacitated by the Rock's first couple Rock Bottoms and People's Elbows.

As the match wore on, the two men used a typical main event gimmick by mocking each other. Rock made the 'you can't see me' gesture in the face of Cena, while Cena delivered a Rock Bottom to his opponent. He attempted to follow up his Rock Bottom with a People's Elbow, but much like last year, he wasn't able to deliver it.

Rock walked into the finisher from Cena, however. He took out Cena with a DDT, then decided to stand up and wait for Cena to walk into a Rock Bottom instead of keeping the pressure on. He couldn't pull it off and Cena countered into an Attitude Adjustment, which finished the job.

This match felt a lot more like a tribute match for The Rock than a real main event. Though, it might just be that the Undertaker-CM Punk match was so good that everything else was going to seem dull by comparison.

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