Twins are breaking up the band

Ezra Shaw

A few months ago, the Minnesota Twins signed Kyle Davies to a minor-league contract, which led to Grant Brisbee writing about the Twins' ... well, it looked like more than just a preference:

We're long past the point where we can wonder if the Twins have a preference for a specific kind of pitcher. Of course they do. That was probably clear when they started messing around with Carl Pavano, or right around the 80th start of the 137 they've given to Nick Blackburn over the last few years. But I think the Correia, Pelfrey, and even Davies signings have moved this past "preference" and into "methodically executed strategy."

Now, we should first acknowledge that Kyle Davies has not pitched for the Twins this season, and isn't likely to. But the methodically executed strategy remains well in order. We're in the Age of the Strikeout, and young Pedro Hernández LEADS THE TWINS with 4.7 strikeouts per nine innings. Really, this is spectacular. Here are the six guys who have started for the Twins this season:

4.7 Pedro Hernández
4.7 Liam Hendriks
4.4 Vance Worley
4.2 Mike Pelfrey
3.6 Scott Diamond
3.2 Kevin Correia

Most teams don't have one pitcher like this. The Minnesota Twins have five pitchers like this.

Which is why I'm so disappointed by Samuel Deduno's impending arrival. I mean, it should be highly refreshing for Twins fans. After all, Deduno's struck out more than eight batters per nine innings in his 200 career Triple-A innings. He's also walked five per nine innings, which makes two reasons he won't fit in with his teammates. But with Pedro Hernandez struggling, apparently it's time for a move.

Still, one has to wonder what in the hell the Twins are thinking. Their top pitching prospect, Kyle Gibson, has outpitched Deduno this season at the same level ... and he's 25. It's just hard to figure why the Twins aren't promoting their most talented Triple-A pitcher, when it's pretty clear he's got little left to learn at that level.

I mean, they've probably got a reason. It's just hard to figure out what it might be.

Postscript: Here's at least the beginning of a sort of a reason.

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