Those guys having all the fun: An oral history of the Cincinnati baseball team's videobombs

Bearcats baseball is setting the world on fire with its postgame photobombs. We talk to the men behind the meme.

Players from the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team have suddenly become the darlings of the Internet because of their spectacular post-game antics.

SB Nation was able to talk to members of the team about their newfound celebrity and exactly how all these celebrations came about.

Ryan Quinn, junior second baseman: I'm the prankster on the team. There's not much sleeping when the Bearcats travel. I'll throw stuff at people sleeping, unplug phone chargers. I feel bad for my teammates. They keep their head on a swivel. It's even worse for the guys who live with me.

Scott Waldrop, host and play-by-play man: It's all Quinn. He's the mastermind. It started back in April against Xavier. I had no idea it was happening, but our camera guy told me later that Quinn stood behind me smiling.


Quinn: I walked out there and put on a little kid smile. People thought it was funny so I decided to keep doing it. That's it, basically. I don't really think out ideas too often.

JP Jackson, senior infielder: We all saw that video and thought it was hilarious. That's how it started. Ultimately it’s Quinn who has the final say in what we do, and then when the game ends we don’t know what he has up his sleeve. He lets us know and picks his cast.

Quinn: Some of the guys in the dugout will start suggesting ideas sometimes, but... a few times they've suggested streaking and I'm like, no, we have to keep this thing light, keep the mood happy. I don't want people to never look at us again.

Jackson: We don’t rehearse or anything, we just kind of wing it. We’re not sure what we’re going to do. We're just trying to get the win first.

Quinn: I like to do a quick run through in the dugout, but that's about it.

Waldrop: Quinn's a funny, creative guy. He just wanted to take it a step further each time and build a following.


Mitch Patishall, freshman right-handed pitcher: When I went to get interviewed, I didn’t know what they were going to do, but I saw them doing something out of the corner of my eye. I didn't know until after that they were jousting. I just tried not to laugh.

Quinn: Well, as you know, the joust has become the rain-delay specialty in college baseball, so I just threw that one together.


Connor Walsh, freshman right-handed pitcher: My favorite was the one where they're swimming. It's Quinn and JP. They're both smaller guys, so seeing their little legs kicking across the camera just looked really funny.

Jackson: I'm the one doing the backstroke... I'm proud of that one, that's my favorite. I was proud to be cast in such a prominent role.

Quinn: Whoever was closest to me got cast. Sometimes I'd need a smaller guy, and then we’d need taller guys to hold them so they could be in the picture behind the interview. By the end of the season everyone wanted to be in it.


Walsh: I knew it was going to happen when I went out there, but at the same time I was trying to focus on the questions being asked having my bearings. I really was trying to focus on the interview.

Quinn: That's probably my favorite, when I'm up on the "chair" being fanned, and when I'm on the pig roast.


Quinn: I saw some guys on the field crew walking by with part of the infield tarp and asked them if I could ride along.

Waldrop: They aren't trying to make me laugh or break my concentration. I can't see them anyway. They're just trying to make things fun.

Jackson: Did we get nervous? No. Those videos are all about creating a positive energy for the team. And the fans that came to the game -- and we have great fans -- started to stay after to see what we would do, so it sort of became a thing. Our coaches think they're great, they were all for it.

Quinn: The coaches, after the game they go into their locker room. They don’t stick around and see it happen, but they'll watch it the next day on video. They like it.

Walsh: It's just a little humor on the side of the great game baseball. That's all.

Patishall: I think the coaches enjoy seeing us have a good time.

Jackson: It's important to have a certain level of focus in the game and a winning mentality. I don't think baseball is a joking matter, I'm just saying that I like to really concentrate on the game during the game and then relax afterwards.

Walsh: This only happens when we win. We're focused on winning, so next year hopefully we'll be doing it a lot more. Baseball is definitely a serious game, but there's also a lot more downtime than in other sports.


Walsh: Quinny had a really good game one night. I think he’d just gone 4-for-4, so right when everybody saw him getting him interviewed it was a red flag. We had to get the mastermind.

Quinn: I think it was after we'd won against Notre Dame. I gave them some ideas for what to do behind me, but they didn't. I can't tell what. I've got to hold onto some for next year.

Walsh: Originally we were going to take one of the big laundry baskets, put a guy in there, cover it with towels and then do a jack-in-the-box thing. But we ran out of time, so we just dumped the Gatorade bucket on him.

Waldrop: They told me they were going to dump the water, but I didn't know about the shaving cream, so some of that got on the mic. I barely missed it.

Walsh: Those two clips, that's all in the same interview. We wanted it to be Quinny's most memorable interview. I pied him in the face.

Quinn: Actually, they both caught me off guard. They were within about five seconds of one another.

Jackson: It's kind of ironic that this is happening again. I transferred to Cincinnati from Western Kentucky to pursue a degree in architecture, but I still wanted to play baseball. So I'm also in that famous rain delay video from my freshman year against Florida Atlantic. So yeah, this keeps happening to me. I'm not sure what it is about college baseball... it's just a fun sport, I guess. Focus on your responsibilities, but baseball is fun. Guys forget that.

Patishall: I wasn't in any of the pranks this year, I was just out there being interviewed. I'd like to be in some next year. Hopefully they can top this season's.

Jackson: I wish any team out there good luck in topping us.

Quinn: We have to be the most popular at this ever, right? I actually wanted to do a Harlem Shake video earlier this year but then everyone started doing that. We had to go with our own thing. We set our trends.

Walsh: This whole thing blew up. We just wanted to keep the team loose. The fact this went viral is really cool.

Quinn: I saw it had like 300 hits on YouTube when it first went up, and probably 98 of those were my family. I went to bed that night, then went over to my sister's house the next day, and all day my phone wouldn't stop ringing. I woke up this morning and I was on SportsCenter.

Waldrop: I saw it once, a friend had put it on Facebook. Then a few days later I'm getting texts that it's on ESPN and MLB Network.

Quinn: Some woman saw it online and liked it, so she started the hashtag #Quinning. I like that. I guess that's a good name for whatever it is we're doing. "Quinning."

Waldrop: It's weird... people are telling me "You’re famous now, right?" and I tell them that the players are the ones who make the video entertaining. I’m just in it. They’re the ones who are being funny and creative; I’m doing just my job. But yeah, if some [media company] sees it and notices I can keep a straight face, that's great too.

Quinn: We were a young team this year. We're expecting big things next season, and now people are expecting big things with this thing, too. Sequels are tough. I gotta come up with something great for the sequel. But I've got all offseason to work on it. We'll just see where this takes us.

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