This Week In GIFs: Nobody should have your job

This week in THIS WEEK IN GIFs, we bring to you a gaggle of jerks pretending to be good at their jobs. Vote, and help us determine the best animated sports GIF of the week.

Welcome once again to THIS WEEK IN GIFs, friends. It's prime GIF season, as this week's field clearly represents. Let's get right to it.

Just kidding! Let's watch a video in which Matt Ufford, Dan Rubenstein and myself argue the cases of our favorite GIFs. It would be foolhardy to attempt to view sports GIFs without first listening to a trio of jerks who tell you what to think about them:

Voting, as usual, will remain open until 11 p.m. Eastern Sunday. Enjoy!


(Via Diamondbacks pitcher Brad Ziegler)

I would call the first- and third-base coach positions make-work if it seemed like work at all. It's true that these guys often take on other miscellaneous team responsibilities. Whatever that is is all the work they do, and the actual act of base coaching could easily be filled by grabbing a guy off the bench.

That a base coach could get so spaced out that he wouldn't see the baseball -- the thing everyone involved is basically always looking at -- and wouldn't notice the flurry of action happening right in front of him speaks to how little he actually has to do. I'm not blaming the dude for not paying attention, because if I had to stand in a field for 90 minutes, make a binary decision (that is ignored half the time anyway) four or five times, and watch a bunch of jerks play hand-golf the rest of the time, I would be in outer space.

lol u got binged in the ding



(Via Marc Normandin)

This happened after Mr. Moss hit a walk-off homer to end the Athletics' 19-inning adventure with the Angels. I'm concerned: with regard to postgame prank-pies, I feel as though our grasp on the definition of a pie is growing looser by the day. It took me a while to accept that a tin full of whipped cream represented a pie in today's America, and now they've gone and done this. They've gone and taken a square Chinet plate and put whipped cream on it and called it a pie. This slide will continue to accelerate, until one day, they will throw an urn full of your great-uncle's ashes and say it's a pie. His name was Harold, damn it, and he sold trout bait and boogie boards by the lake.



(Via Marc Normandin)

Sharing for weirdness. After missing his target and almost beaning Corky Miller in the head, Mr. Rodriguez very nearly gets hit by his own pitch. I think it's really interesting th-- OH SHIT BLUES TRAVELER?!?!?



(Via Conrad Kaczmarek)

As I argued in the video above, this is a window into Kobe Bryant's personal hell. I'm glad that here are several players involved here and that zero of them are wearing a uniform.



(Via Martin Rickman)


I wanted my Chiefs to draft Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Denard Robinson, and any other quarterback who seemed like he might be cool to watch. I don't know how Mr. Robinson slipped so far. It's the fifth round. How many teams passed up on a celebrity so that they could draft some jobber long-snapper or something? God, what a bunch of squares.






Unfortunately, I have no context with which to complement this GIF. I don't know who this is or where it is or when it happened or anything. Clearly, though, I couldn't not include it.


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