Red Wings-Blackhawks Game 7 ends excellent second round for NBC


Boffo ratings for Game 7 of the Red Wings vs. Blackhawks series led NBC to record highs for the Conference Semis.

The Conference Semifinal round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs ended with a huge bang on the NBC Sports Network.

Game 7 between the Red Wings and Blackhawks, a controversial overtime thriller, drew 3.35 million viewers on NBCSN on Wednesday night. That made it the fourth-most watched program in the history of the network, which dates back to the mid-90's as OLN. Only the 2012 London Gold Medal women's soccer match between the United States and Japan, Game 3 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final and Game 4 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final have ever drawn more viewers on the network.

The Blackhawks victory drew a record-setting 17.2 in Chicago. No hockey game, including the two 2010 Stanley Cup Final games, has ever drawn a higher rating on the network in the market. The game drew a 14.9 rating in Detroit. The series, as a whole, averaged 2.2 million across seven games on NBC and NBCSN.

The 2013 second round averaged 1.5 million viewers between NBC, NBCSN and CNBC. This was up big from last year's 1.06 million, making it the most-watched second round on record. NBC Sports Network averaged 1.43 million viewers, up 12 percent from 1.28 million in 2012. CNBC's one broadcast drew 1.36 million up 207 percent from the 444,000 they averaged last year. Meanwhile, NBC drew 2.34 million over three broadcasts, up 27 percent from 1.84 million last year.

Average Viewership for 2013 Stanley Cup Conference Semifinal Series

Detroit vs. Chicago: 2.20 million
NY Rangers vs. Boston: 1.80 million
Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh: 1.20 million
San Jose vs. Los Angeles: 862,000

10 Most-Watched Games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

1. Detroit vs. Chicago, Game 7 (NBCSN): 3.35 million
Detroit vs. Chicago, Game 5 (NBC): 2.85 million
Chicago vs. Detroit, Game 6 (NBCSN): 2.72 million
NY Rangers vs. Boston, Game 2 (NBC): 2.40 million
NY Rangers vs. Boston, Game 5 (NBCSN): 1.86 million
Boston vs. NY Rangers, Game 3 (NBCSN): 1.75 million
Chicago vs. Detroit, Game 4 (NBCSN): 1.75 million
Detroit vs. Chicago, Game 2 (NBC): 1.70 million
NY Rangers vs. Boston, Game 1 (NBCSN): 1.64 million
Detroit vs. Chicago, Game 1 (NBCSN): 1.45 million

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