Mayweather vs. Guerrero results: Ruben Guerrero wants to know why Floyd 'ran' from his son

Jeff Bottari

Ruben Guerrero ignores the fact that Floyd Mayweather almost doubled Robert Guerrero's total landed punches while accusing Mayweather of "running" after feeling Robert's power.

Ruben Guerrero seemed to spend the last few days attempting to make himself star of his son Robert's fight with Floyd Mayweather. At the press conference for the fight he stood up and repeatedly announced that they were going to "beat that woman beater," referring to Floyd's recent jail stint and other prior domestic violence charges. That outburst led to a series of shouting matches with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Those Sr. vs. Ruben confrontations continued during the pre-fight instructions. As the referee gave his final instructions to the fighters he had to stop as Ruben had started to yell at Floyd Sr. again.

In the end, it's not the fathers who decided the fight, but the fighters themselves. And, while Robert got roundly beaten, that wasn't enough to quiet Ruben down.

Via Boxing Scene:

"I didn't expect him to [move] that much, but after Robert hit him the first couple of rounds - he felt it and that put him on his bicycle. I tried to tell Robert to go to body more. But he saw that Robert was going to the body and he ran more. You seen it, the last couple of rounds, he really ran. He didn't want to exchange. All he wanted to do was win by decision. Pop and move, pop and move, all he wanted to do was win by decision. I told my son to pressure him more, but when he put more pressure on him - Mayweather ran even more. How come he ran? He didn't do that with Cotto, he didn't do that with Ortiz, he didn't do that with Marquez or Hatton,"

The problem with that line of thinking is that it isn't Floyd's job to stand still and let Guerrero hit him. Floyd's job is to win the fight and he did that with movement and with a right hand that landed almost at will for the majority of the fight.

The punch stats from the fight bear out what really happened:

Mayweather landed 41% of his punches and a ridiculous 60% of his power shots while Guerrero connected on only 19% of his shots including only 11% of his jabs.

Floyd also landed 82 more total punches than Guerrero. Considering Guerrero only landed 113, that's pretty damn impressive.

So, maybe the problem wasn't that Floyd "ran" so much as it was that Floyd was the fighter capable of making in fight adjustments while Guerrero couldn't ever shift out of the pre-fight game plan.

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