Spurs vs. Heat: Whose zoo animal fans are better?

Mike Ehrmann

Some of these creatures are bandwagon fans.

It is common practice for zoos to get in the spirit of their local teams' playoff efforts. Sometimes, though, it kinda feels like the animals aren't real fans -- like the zoos are merely projecting their fanaticism onto disinterested beasts. With that in mind, let us take a look at the fan residents of the San Antonio Zoo and Miami Jungle Island.

On Sunday, the San Antonio Zoo held a pre-Game 2 pep rally of sorts headlined by their sun bear, Baubles. Baubles showed his support for the Spurs by wantonly shredding a box decorated with the Miami logo and the message "Beat the Heat" whilst bloodthirsty children chanted:

On its face, that's quite a statement. Baubles is shredding apart Miami's championship aspirations much as he would a honeycomb. I sense something fishy, though. Take a look at this bit from the Fox San Antonio investigative report on the subject:

He ripped it to shreds as a way of showing what the Spurs plan to do to Miami on the court.

Inside the box, he enjoyed a nice treat.

Play back the video a few times and you can clearly see that Baubles finishes his display of fanatical defiance with a few licks of that unseen "treat". Methinks this bear is a lousy bandwagon jumper. Much like the human fan who only shows up for the free t-shirt or bobblehead, Baubles got coerced into his fandom. I'm not even sure he's a Spurs supporter, honestly. As a bear, he may well have been rooting against San Antonio in their Western Conference Final series against the Grizzlies. I know a fake fan when I see one. Do you even know who Mike Budenholzer is, bear?

What about the creatures of Miami? Residents of Jungle Island got a visit from the Larry O'Brien Trophy last week. It hung out with a white tiger cub:

The trophy had an audience with a black-and-white ruffed lemur, too:


Why'd the trophy visit Miami and not San Antonio? Because these folks are REAL FANIMALS. That's why. Like, this baby capuchin monkey owns a customized Heat cap:


Sure, he's not old enough to remember Rony Seikaly, but he's the real deal. So is this red ruffed lemur who owns a...hmm...remarkably similar hat:


I guess hat options are limited when you have a tiny head.

Whatever. What I'm saying is the Miami zoo denizens are REAL FANIMALS, not front-running fakers like that San Antonio bear. FAN UP, BAUBLES.

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