GIF Tournament IV: 'Scott Feldman' vs. 'David Ross'

GIF TOURNAMENT IV rolls right on into the second day. Let's take to the polls, and decide which eight sports GIFs make it into the next round of the tournament.



Voting will remain open until 11:30 p.m. Eastern. Check out the rest of the East Region GIFs here.



Via @DanWeiner. Won Week 46 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs with 651 votes.


You know what's really special about cussin'? For many of us, they transcend mere language, and ought to be considered as a reflex. Consider Mr. Feldman here. A batted ball is coming right at his face at roughly 100 miles per hour, meaning it goes from the bat to the mound in roughly 0.4 seconds. Within that time-space, all responses are instinctive and base-level. He doesn't move out of the way. He only turns his head and lets out half a cuss.

Thank the God it didn't actually hit him. Hell of a blue-ribbon GIF right here.



Via @bubbaprog. Nominated by @jseesel. Special nomination. Has not previously appeared in THIS WEEK IN GIFs.

David Ross is the most Journeyman Platoon Catcher in the game today. He doesn't have a house. His catcher's vest folds out into a pup tent. All he needs is two trees and a rope, and he's got a roof over his head. He actually isn't even paid in cash money. He just wants trail mix and clean socks.

But Hell-fire if that ain't the sorriest throw to second I've ever seen. No trail mix for that one, pal. You get knockoff peanut M&Ms. Like, the crappy ones that are already like 50 percent crumbs. No packaging, either. They'll just dump a handful into that dented lid-less tin cup that's always clanging against your belt and has PROPERTY OF ROSS spray-stenciled on the side. Look, man, I'm trying to call you a hobo draft-dodger without just coming out and calling you a hobo draft-dodger and it's difficult.


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