GIF Tournament IV: 'Blue Jays Fan' vs. 'Andre Ethier'

GIF TOURNAMENT IV rolls right on into the second day. Let's take to the polls, and decide which eight sports GIFs make it into the next round of the tournament.



Voting will remain open until 11:30 p.m. Eastern. Check out the rest of the East Region GIFs here.



Won Week 41 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs with 443 votes.

Look, he has a credentials lanyard and everything. He is KREDENTIALED 4 KAOS. Crowd GIFs really are great, and I think the hidden gem of this one is the guy immediately to his left who is clearly fearing for his life.

Also, since our perspective is from the other side of the safety net, it doesn't look like the bat flew into the crowd. Looks like he just brought that shit. GIFs can tell any story we want them to.



Via Larry Brown Sports. Finished second in Week 49 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs with 239 votes.

I bet he didn't even move his legs. I bet they had to take him home on a handcart.

Hey, here's a good thought-experiment: if a baseball team were to start a mannequin at, like, right field, and just trucked it on and off the field, and up to the plate to strike out looking and then back to the dugout again, how many games would they win? Now, opposing right-handed hitters would certainly start trying to pull the ball to right to take advantage of this, but let's just say they didn't.

I bet a 100-win team could still win like 85 games like that. If they were in the American League and they could DH for the mannequin instead of the pitcher, maybe like 90. Someone do that, please, because I've seen a ton of nine-human baseball and I pretty much get the idea by now.


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