GIF Tournament IV: 'Blue Jays Fan' vs. 'DOINK!'

After over 23,000 votes, we've narrowed the field down to the eight funniest, most glorious animated sports GIFs of 2013 to date. Today, we take to the polls once again to send our favorite GIFs to the Final Four.


(10) DOINK!

Voting will remain open until Sunday at 11:30 p.m. Eastern. Click here to check out the rest of the Elite Eight.



Won Week 41 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs with 443 votes. Received 498 votes in Round 1, and 457 votes in Round 2.

he might be Eastern European and thinks this is the time of the baseball game where you do that.

- Valued Internet subscriber frightened inmate #2

The number of layers to this gif is staggering.

- Valued Internet subscriber pbpope

(10) DOINK!


Special nomination. Has not previously appeared in THIS WEEK IN GIFs. Received 591 votes in Round 1, and 415 votes in Round 2.

Doink is the example of a professional athlete making precisely the same expression I do when I pour too much beer in a glass and it’s foaming over the lip.

- Ethan Rothstein

For years I believed that this was the pinnacle of slapstick comedy. For too long have I searched for it’s successor. Countless hours were wasted sifting through uninspired sitcoms and unfunny youtube videos searching for something, anything to take up the mantle. I had lost all hope, resigning myself to the fact that Ron Swanson would never be topped. And really, is that so bad?

It turns out I was simply searching in the wrong places. Sports, I believed, was a place of perfection, of flawless execution. No professional athlete ever falls on their head, or hits a fellow competitor with a blunt object unintentionally. That would surely be madness I reasoned. How wrong I was. From Rollerblading Raptors Mascot to Doink! and Sniped Mets Fan, sports gifs are a, dare I say the, gold mine of physical humor.

So join me brethren in elevating Doink! to it’s rightful place among the pantheon of slapstick comedy.

- Valued Internet subscriber melancholyculkin


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