Mayweather vs Canelo: Floyd says 'He's just another opponent to me'

Floyd Mayweather talks to media ahead of Saturday night's bout with Canelo Alvarez, stating that he doesn't get nervous for big fights and that Canelo is just another opponent.

The media circus ahead of big fights is nothing new to Floyd Mayweather. Even a fight the size of his bout Saturday night against Canelo Alvarez is old hat for Mayweather. After all, his name was taken to the next level when he and Oscar De La Hoya set an all-time pay-per-view record.

That lack of nerves is one of the keys to Mayweather's ability to make Floyd seem as though he's taking Canelo lightly as he told the media ahead of the fight (all transcriptions via Bad Left Hook):

"Because I'm not nervous. Because I'm not nervous and it's just another day. He knows I don't get nervous. I don't get butterflies. He's just another opponent to me."


"I have the mental edge. I have more experience in big fights of this magnitude. I just make it do what it do, man. You put 'em in front of me, and I beat 'em. Line 'em up like bowling pins, and I knock 'em down."

In addition to plenty of other comments about the fight and the hype for the record setting bout, Mayweather talked about if he saw any similarities between Canelo and Victor Ortiz -- Ortiz,who lost his composure, headbutted Mayweather and then continually tried to hug Mayweather to apologize before being knocked out:

"I think this kid is steady. I think he's steady, calm. I think he'll stay relaxed. I think he's gonna be respectful. He's no different from Ortiz. You disrespect, you get disrespected, but Ortiz is a young, strong champion. All these guys. Robert Guerrero is a young, strong champion, I take my hat off to him. Ortiz. But we had to face each other. What else can I say? Cotto, a future Hall of Famer. Robert's probably gonna go down in the Hall of Fame if he gets some more good victories under his belt. These guys are young, strong champions. I'm just an old school fighter that got the remedy on how to win."

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