Game of Throws: House Manziel

A brash young prince hungers for glory. Will he fight bravely on after suffering a significant defeat?

Perhaps you're familiar with Game of Thrones, the popular HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels. The universe depicted in Game of Thrones features warring kingdoms made up of houses of proud families. Since we're all about sports here, we can't help but equate this with American football. Let's take a look at some of the most notable quarterbacks in the land and imagine what things would be like in Westeros.

This is the third in a season-long series: House Newton | House Smith

House Manziel


(banner by Justin Bopp)

Reigning Lord: The fancy Prince Johnny is the current acting castellan for House Manziel. Some complain that the Prince lacks appropriate adult supervision and guidance, but he is a full 20 years of age and an adult himself.

House Sigil: The House Manziel sigil is a universal sign for currency, which the Prince understands equates to power. And drinks.

House Words: The House Manziel words are shrouded in mystery. The origin of their words, "8x10s are $25" is lost to the erosion of time, but the maesters believe it may refer to the original transactions upon which House Manziel built their wealthy empire. To the layman in Westeros, it sounds preposterous: an exchange of a measurement for money? Yet the Prince yells it loudly wherever he goes. Some traditions die hard.

Location: College Castle is a ghastly, rickety old place located in the Reach. The towers are built much too high, their battlements teetering precariously over the teeming throngs of House Manziel loyalists below. Also, there are bats everywhere. It is a horrifying stronghold to gaze upon and even more horrifying to be inside.

Overview: Prince Manziel is in line to be king of all Westeros. Should he survive, that is. Everyone from the lowest peasant to the richest ambassador is crying for the head of the poor Prince, forgetting that it is perfectly normal to behave in a bombastic manner if you are young, skilled and well-known. For heaven's sake, look at what Robb Stark did when he was 16 years old. He started a war. Keep your perspective, Manziel opponents.

Fate: House Manziel will eventually fall into ruin when Prince Johnny Sets off by himself to fight the final war in Valyria. Or when he's removed from his post by official decree. Whichever. George R.R. Martin hasn't written that part of the book yet.

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