Youngsters penning contract extensions across the A-League

Adelaide's Awer Mabil is just one of a host of young A-League players signing contract extensions - Tony Feder

'Tis the season for re-signings, especially among the A-League's up-and-comers.

Across the A-League, players have been signing extensions to remain at their current clubs for another year or two. While a handful of the re-signings have been long-time A-League veterans, many more of the new deals involve keeping youngsters in the league. Perth Glory and Wellington Phoenix, in particular, have been active, though several clubs have made sure to lock up players around whom they would like to build future teams or eventually sell on for potential profit.

There may be bigger announcements on the way, like the rumored signing of Tom Rogic by half the league's clubs, or more signings like Joel Griffiths and Ryan Griffiths, but the business of the A-League remains development and sale. Keeping players like Awer Mabil, Dimitri Petratos and Brandon O'Neill is good business for the clubs and the league.

Here's a list of some of the recent re-signings, most of which have been announced in January, including some older players:

Adelaide United:

Awer Mabil - 2 years (through 2016/17)

Brisbane Roar:

Dimitri Petratos - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Shane Stefanutto - 1 year (through 2014/15)

Perth Glory:

Chris Harold - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Brandon O'Neill - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Sidnei - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Michael Thwaite - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Sydney FC:

Vedran Janjetovic - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Wellington Phoenix:

Michael Boxall - 1 year (through 2014/15)

Carlos Hernandez - 2 years (through 2015/16)

Lewis Italiano - 1 year (through 2014/15)

Albert Riera - 1 year (through 2014/15)

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