Royal Rumble results: Batista wins and will main event WrestleMania

Roman Reigns broke the eliminations record, but Batista will be in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania after winning the Royal Rumble, last eliminating the powerhouse of The Shield.

Much to the discontent of the crowd in Pittsburgh, Batista has won the Royal Rumble in his first match back in WWE and will go on to main event WrestleMania. He got some help from Kane, who eliminated CM Punk after he'd been eliminated himself, but managed to take out Roman Reigns to win the event.

Reigns broke the record for the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble and had the crowd behind him at the end of the night. When Rey Mysterio came out at No. 30 instead of Daniel Bryan, Mysterio -- normally a fairly over babyface -- was booed heavily. Without Bryan in the match, the crowd chanted for Reigns, but didn't get what they wanted. Batista won as expected and everyone was pissed.

Order of entry

1: CM Punk
2: Seth Rollins
3: Damien Sandow
4: Cody Rhodes
5: Kane
6: Alexander Rusev
7: Jack Swagger
8: Kofi Kingston
9: Jimmy Uso
10: Goldust
11: Dean Ambrose
12: Dolph Ziggler
13: R-Truth
14: Kevin Nash
15: Roman Reigns
16: The Great Khali
17: Sheamus
18: The Miz
19: Fandango
20: El Torito
21: Antonio Cesaro
22: Luke Harper
23: Jey Uso
24: John "Bradshaw" Layfield
25: Erick Rowan
26: Ryback
27: Alberto Del Rio
28: Batista
29: Big E Langston
30: Rey Mysterio

Final four: Batista, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Sheamus

Iron man: CM Punk, by mere seconds over Seth Rollins. He lasted 49 minutes from the No. 1 position and finished fourth.

Most eliminations: Roman Reigns, who set the all-time record for eliminations with 12.

Surprise entrants: Kane, who hasn't wrestled since becoming the Director of Operations. Alexander Rusev, a giant 300 pound Bulgarian guy who wrestles in WWE's developmental territory, NXT. Kevin Nash, who remarkably managed to walk to the ring without tearing his quad. Sheamus, who has been out for six months with a shoulder injury. El Torito, a mini luchador who wears a bull costume because he's the greatest. JBL, who got up from the announce table to wrestle in a suit, though he only lasted 20 seconds.

Kofi Kingston's elimination avoidance spotClick to watch, it was great as always.

Non-title WrestleMania implications?: Cody Rhodes eliminated his brother and tag team partner, Goldust. This has happened before, but certainly not while they were tag team partners, and it could lead to a breakup and eventual match. Dean Ambrose tried to eliminated Roman Reigns before The Shield were the last three, and Reigns responded by eliminating Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Kane was eliminated by CM Punk, then came back to eliminate Punk and chokeslam him through the Spanish announce table.

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