Super Bowl 2014: Field Gulls and Seahawks fans are kind of excited for Sunday

Otto Greule Jr

Seahawks blog Field Gulls is a little bit excited for the Super Bowl. As we get closer to kickoff, Seattle fans appear to be growing crazier.

Seattle Seahawks fans are excited about the upcoming Super Bowl matchup against the Denver Broncos. This is an obvious thing to say, but also sort of lazy. There are a million ways to be excited, and each is special and worth celebrating.

Over the last two weeks, SB Nation's Seahawks blog Field Gulls has done an excellent job being a microcosm of all the different faces of giddiness one can deploy. On Wednesday, it showed off the industriousness that comes from boundless energy. Danny Kelly broke down Seattle's Cover 3 in minute detail and Kenneth Arthur went waaaay back to see how Peyton Manning has fared against elite pass defenses throughout his career.

On Thursday, the blog went another direction. A weird direction. Observe:

EXCLUSIVE: Top secret documents suggest Earl Thomas may not be human

Danny Kelly obtained secret government documents that suggest Seahawks safety Earl Thomas may not be of this Earth. Don't ask him how these documents ended up in his hands. Just follow along down the rabbit hole:

Interview with a chief research scientist:


There are 11 more pages in the dossier, including interviews with an unnamed quarterback and an unnamed teammate, and photos of Area 29 where this so-called "Earl Thomas" resides.

Super Bowl 48, Rapping with The Drunkard: The Owl and The Bronco

I'm not sure what this is ...

I have seen our Archangel stride onto the field. He walks on fucking sunshine, laying waste to the non-believers who surround him. Not because he enjoys it, but because it is his purpose. He is The Scourge of Existence, designed to punish those found unworthy. Not in malice, but with mercy. Look upon him, Horse Lords...and weep. Like moths to the white flame.

I have seen our Deathbacker unleashed in all his terrible majesty. He lowers his shoulders, and makes mortal impact with True Grit: The Wes Welker Story. He lays there, eyes staring into the white void, his gaping mouth yearns for a breath that will never come. Soft, pillow-like flakes dust upon his pale face. His naked chest lays open, ribs twinkling within like shooting stars in a velvet sky. Go with them, Welker. Leave this coil for good, and be blessed on your journey. The last thing to go through his mind before he leaves us is Kam Chancellor's cleat.

... but I kind of like it.

If epic mythical NFL quasi-fan fiction isn't your thing, there are plenty of GIFs to keep you entertained. GO FORTH.

Super Bowl 2014: What to expect when you're expecting to win - a look at 'Enver

Travis Williams took a tremednously in-depth, and relatively sober, look at the Broncos' defense. If you liked Kelly's piece on Seattle's secondary, then Williams' piece is a must read.

Denver doesn't have a "go-to" coverage. Cover 2 man is what they do the best job with, and call the most frequently, but they can't play it virtually every down like Seattle does with the Cover-3 because they're not THAT good at it. Instead they'll alternate between 3, 2, and 1 deep looks and occasionally call a full-zone coverage instead of man-zone hybrids. (I don't think I once saw them call full-man in all my film watching).

Jack Del Rio likes to call a very active game along the D line. He has quite a bit of athletic talent amongst his front-6, which he capitalizes on by frequently calling for stunts, twists, loops, and other exotic looking pass-rush schemes. As you would expect, this means the depth players see quite a few snaps, and Denver has two specialist 3rd and a mile type pass-rushers on the roster.

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