Winter Olympics 2014: Reactions from a wild game between USA and Russia

Bruce Bennett

On T.J. Oshie becoming an American hero, Jonathan Quick's controversial play in the 3rd period, and more.

Team USA hockey won a thriller over Russia on Saturday, picking up a 3-2 win after T.J. Oshie singlehandedly outscored the Russians 4-3 in a shootout.

For those who spent their Saturday morning sleeping in instead of watching the game, here's a look back at the main storylines from the USA's big win.

Oshie, Oshie, Oshie

In the NHL, players are only allowed to shoot once in shootouts. That's not the case in Olympic play; if the score is still tied after the first three shooters go, coaches can send the same player out there over and over until their skates fall off.

According to USA coach Dan Bylsma, they were going to ride Oshie until the very end.

Part of the reason Oshie made the roster was his ability to sink the puck into the back of the net in shootouts.

Needless to say, we all know where Team USA will turn moving forward if they go into another shootout situation. And if you have never heard of the St. Louis Blues' star before today, his last name is pronounced Oh-Shee.


Here's a Vine of all four of Oshie's goals in the shootout:

Game for the ages

In terms of medals and trophies, nothing was up for grabs between the United States and Russia in Saturday's action. The way the players played and the coaches coached, though, you would have sworn the Stanley Cup and a gold medal were on the line.

It was truly an instant classic in Sochi. Crisp offense, strong play in goal, and a thrilling shootout to close things out.

For those who missed it, NBC will feature overtime and the shootout in their primetime showcase tonight.

Quick's strong (and controversial) play

Jonathan Quick wasn't great in the shootout, but he did more than enough to keep Team USA alive for Oshie to win it. After making a couple of deep runs with the Los Angeles Kings, Quick is used to the big stage.

While the United States won, it seemed Russia had take the lead late in the third period as Fedor Tyutin appeared to score. The referees reviewed the goal, though, and ruled the left post had come off its mooring.



The Russian players were clearly frustrated after the game, and one alleged Quick may have moved the post intentionally.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this, but right now it seems to just be sour grapes from Voynov.

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