Super Bowl commercials 2014: Audi's 'Doberhuahua' ad

In this evening's continuing series, we at SB Nation are grading Super Bowl commercials live as they appear. Our rulings are scientific, objective, and absolute.

Audi would like to sell you a car. They would like to do this by showing you a commercial involving a freakish cross-breeding of a Doberman and a Chihuahua. We have determined that this is a fairly good commercial, but that you should not buy its product:

This is our ruling:


This commercial is for:

- Suckers who don't know they can buy a car that is a year or two old and basically just as good for considerably less money
- People who wear khaki pajamas
- Folks who enjoy a good laugh about dogs attacking children
- Disenfranchised Beverly Hills Chihuahua fans who will never get a sequel
- Oh God, there actually was a sequel, nevermind

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