Kia's 'Matrix'-themed Super Bowl commercial

In this evening's continuing series, we at SB Nation are grading Super Bowl commercials live as they appear. Our rulings are scientific, objective, and absolute.

In the words of Thomas Matrix, principal character from the hit film The Matrix, Part I: "Wow." Kia's commercial, featuring Laurence Fishburne in a reprisal of his Morpheus character, actually delivers on its potential. The full 90-second version is absolutely worth a watch:

This is our ruling:


This commercial is for:

- Prospective car-buyers who take an "every car is pretty good" approach
- Fans of Morpheus, KaZaA, eDonkey2000, and other such illicit music-sharing platforms
- Folks who, like me, would prefer not to consider that in some parts of the country, there are people born after the first Matrix film who are now legally licensed to drive
- Oh God I'm old

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