Elimination Chamber results: Randy Orton retains WWE World Heavyweight Title in another smoz


Royal Rumble winner Batista has his opponent for WrestleMania 30. An all-time classic edition of the Elimination Chamber match resulted in Randy Orton retaining his title, thanks to some help from the Wyatt Family and Kane.

Orton was automatically entered into the Elimination Chamber match by virtue of being champion, but the other five wrestlers had to qualify. John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus earned their way into the match by 'winning' a six-man tag team match on Raw against The Shield, which they won by DQ when The Wyatt Family interfered. Christian and Cesaro both won individual qualifying matches on SmackDown.

In the build-up to the match, Orton was made to face all of the other competitors in singles matches. He defeated Christian, but lost to Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Cesaro. His match against Sheamus didn't have a conclusive ending, with the Wyatt Family and The Shield coming out to start a brawl, along with the other Elimination Chamber competitors.

The build-up to the match also featured Daniel Bryan taking all kinds of beatings, with the final one coming at the hands of his former tag team partner, Kane, who is now Director of Operations. He targeted Bryan's shoulder specifically, and The American Dragon came into the match with his left shoulder heavily taped.

Cesaro and Sheamus started the match in the ring and had an entertaining, though inconsequential hoss fight before Daniel Bryan's pod was opened five minutes into the match. He quickly hit a double dropkick off the top rope, then suplexed Antonio Cesaro directly into a pin while holding a leglock on Sheamus. He's very good at pro wrestling.

Christian was next to enter and, in line with his recent heel turn, he targeted Bryan's shoulder by ripping off the wrap, ramming it into the cage and slamming it in the door of one of the pods. Cena entered next and executed a cool spot where he AA'd Christian into Cesaro, at which point a chaotic spotfest ensued. By the time Orton entered, everyone had taken a beating.

However, everyone decided to gang up on Orton, which led to a wonderful heel move where he shut himself back into his pod. Sheamus rectified this situation in glorious fashion, kicking out the plexiglass. From there, the match was on.

It took until nearly 30 minutes into the match for the first elimination to take place. Sheamus was the first to exit, and he did so in spectacular fashion. Christian took him out with a splash from the top of one of the pods, but he was made to pay for it, with Bryan pinning him shortly afterwards. Cesaro was the third to go, tapping out to Cena's STF and leaving the three biggest stars in the ring.

And then, out of nowhere, the lights go out. The arena is black for 10 seconds. When they flipped back on, the Wyatt Family was in the Chamber. They zeroed in on Cena immediately, beating him down before Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail. Orton took advantage and recorded the pin, leaving Orton and Bryan.

Kane came out to throw the Wyatts out and check on Cena, which unsurprisingly led to Bryan attacking him. He hit his signature flying knee off the top rope on Kane, apparently not considering the potential consequences of knocking out someone with the title 'Director of Operations'. After he hit Orton with the same maneuver and pinned him, Kane pulled the referee's leg out. That led to him eating an RKO, but shockingly, Bryan kicked out.

Sadly for Bryan and the crowd, he couldn't kick out of a second RKO. Once Kane got back to his feet, he helped Orton hit his finisher a second time, and Orton pinned Bryan to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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