Winter Olympics 2014 snowboarding schedule: White exits slopestyle, but star power still reigns in Sochi

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Shaun White will only compete in the halfpipe this year, but with an unprecedented 10 events to watch over a 13-day span, the snowboarding will still be one of the main attractions in Sochi.

You like snowboarding? Like, really, really like snowboarding? If so, good news: there is a looooot of snowboarding in Sochi this year. There's nine days of competition and 10 total events, the most any Winter Olympics has ever hosted. Here's all you need to know about what's going on when, and who's doing it.

Snowboarding has enjoyed a fairly rapid rise to Olympic popularity, vaulted there by highly visible stars like Shaun White, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and 15-time X-Games gold medalist (13 in snowboarding events and two in skateboarding). Slight problem for Sochi: owing to injury and safety concerns, White will not compete in this Olympiad's slopestyle, one of his signature events and a brand-new addition to the Olympics. Off to a great start, Sochi!

Feb. 6

1 a.m.: Men's Slopestyle Qualification
5 a.m.: Ladies' Slopestyle Qualification

February 8

12:30 a.m.: Men's Slopestyle Semifinals
3:45 a.m.: Men's Slopestyle Finals

February 9

1:30 a.m.: Ladies' Slopestyle Semifinals
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Slopestyle Finals

Next up is the halfpipe, where White will compete. He collected gold in this event in both of the last two Winter Olympics, so all eyes will be on the (relatively) aged competitor to see if he can make it three straight, or if time has passed the 27-year-old superstar by.

February 11

5 a.m.: Men's Halfpipe Qualification
9 a.m.: Men's Halfpipe Semifinals
12:30 p.m.: Men's Halfpipe Finals

The women's halfpipe, featuring former gold medalists Kelly Clark (USA), Hannah Teter (USA) and Torah Bright (AUS) — plus upstart American stars Kaitlyn Farrington and Arielle Gold — follows the same schedule as above, but on February 12. For pure star power, this might be the one event to watch most closely among all the snowboarding events.

February 12

5 a.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Qualification 
9 a.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Semifinals 
12:30 p.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Finals

Next on the snowboarding docket (they have dockets in snowboarding, right?) (do snowboarding dockets have edgy, extreme names?) (no, probably not, not in the Olympics) is the hugely popular snowboard cross, where the Americans field a loaded group of seven competitors. Lindsay Jacobellis, long an X-Games champion but twice denied gold in the Olympics, returns for redemption for the Americans.

February 16

2 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Seeding
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
4:30 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Semifinals
4:40 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Finals

February 17

2 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Seeding
4:30 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals
4:52 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
5:04 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Semifinals
5:12 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Finals

Last are two more additions to the Olympics: the parallel slalom and giant slalom.  American hopes will be riding on Justin Reiter in his last shot at glory; Reiter missed out on the Olympics in 2006 and was sidelined by a knee condition in 2010, at which point he retired for two years before making one last run at the gold.

February 19

12:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
12:42 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
4 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
4:12 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
4:48 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
4:54 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
5:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
5:18 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
5:31 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Finals
5:35 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Finals

February 22

12:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Qualification
12:42 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Qualification
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
4:27 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
5:03 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
5:09 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
5:30 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Semifinals
5:33 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Semifinals
5:46 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Finals
5:50 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Finals

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