Spring training is here, a beloved Hall of Famer has passed, we find baseball comics from the 1950s, a look at what kind of prospects today's stars were, and oh my god we're getting close to baseball. YES!

Good morning friends, it's February 7th and I'm not ashamed to say I love baseball. That's exactly why I begged, pleaded with, and threatened Steven Goldman to give me a little space daily to express that insane infatuation with baseball that has us looking at GIFs of players hittin' dingers, digging up comics of dead baseball heroes, peering into baseball future and looking for the next great player, or wondering if there is some mystical truth yet to be uncovered if only we turn the numbers over one more time.

So with that I introduce HOW DARE WE ENJOY BASEBALL, my humble awesome attempt to bring that love to you daily. Enjoy. And hey, if you have ideas or suggestions, send 'em my way at @justinbopp.

Spring training is here! Almost!


I must have looked as lost as I felt. I felt a tap on my shoulder and was suddenly face to face with the man himself. He had his hand extended toward me.

''Hey, I'm Don Mattingly,'' he said. ''You going to be working with us this year?''

I hadn't thought about my new job in these terms: working with the Yankees, in common pursuit of a common goal.

''Uh, I know who you are, Mr. Mattingly,'' I said, stuttering. ''I'm Matt, the new batboy.''

''Nice to meet you, Matt,'' he said with a firm handshake. ''Listen,'' he told me, as if I could have done anything else. ''I've got a job for you. I just unpacked my bats from spring training. I don't know if it was the humidity in Florida or the altitude of the flight or what, but they're all coming up short. I need you to get me a bat stretcher.''

I nodded, trying to project competence. Get a bat stretcher.


Holy crap, baseball is almost here!

Have suggestions or want to be featured in HDWEB? Send links to Justin at @justinbopp.

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