2014 Winter Olympics snowboarding schedule: Slopestyle medal event set for Saturday

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The halfpipe will be Shaun White's only chance at a gold medal in Sochi.

SB Nation 2014 Olympics Preview

By now, Shaun White choosing not to compete in the slopestyle has become the early story of the snowboarding portion of the Olympic Games. But with a long list of events scheduled over the next few weeks, one of the United States' top sports should provide some of the most entertaining television in Sochi.

Snowboarding's Saturday schedule will see the medal for Men's Slopestyle awarded.

February 8

12:30 a.m. ET: Men's Slopestyle Semifinals 
3:45 a.m.: Men's Slopestyle Finals

White pulled out of the slopestyle event due to injury, and Canada's Max Parrot has become the favorite in this event as a result. Parrot won the gold at the X-Games and finished first in the qualifying run with a score of 97.5. This event allows snowboarders to do a bit of everything as they make their way down the course and may be the most entertaining of the snowboarding events.

On Thursday, eight snowboarders qualified directly for the finals and will not need to compete in the semifinals. Four participants will advance from the semifinals to the finals. For a full list of those who went straight to the finals and those who are looking for a spot there, click here.


Here is the complete snowboarding schedule after Saturday's events (all times Eastern):

February 9

1:30 a.m.: Ladies' Slopestyle Semifinals 
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Slopestyle Finals

February 11

5 a.m.: Men's Halfpipe Qualification 
10 a.m.: Men's Halfpipe Semifinals 
12:30 p.m.: Men's Halfpipe Finals
8 p.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Qualification

The halfpipe is when the world will finally get a look at Shaun White, who will be representing the United States for the third time at the Winter Olympics.

February 12

10 a.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Semifinals 
12:30 p.m.: Ladies' Halfpipe Finals

February 16

2 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Seeding
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
4:30 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Semifinals
4:45 a.m.: Ladies' Snowboard Cross Finals

February 17

2 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Seeding
4:30 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals
5:01 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
5:13 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Semifinals
5:20 a.m.: Men's Snowboard Cross Finals

February 19

12:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
12:40 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
4 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
4:32 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
4:48 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
4:52 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom Finals
5 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
5:34 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
5:42 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
5:55 a.m.: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Finals

Injuries have kept Justin Reiter from competing in the last two Olympic Games, but he has come out of retirement to take one last shot at gold for the United States. He will complete in the men's parallel giant slalom on Wednesday Feb. 19.

February 22

12:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Qualification
12:40 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Qualification
4:15 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
4:15 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
5:08 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
5:28 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
5:40 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Semifinals
5:52 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Semifinals
6 a.m.: Ladies' Parallel Slalom Finals
6:15 a.m.: Men's Parallel Slalom Finals

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