NCAA bracket picks 2014: Twitter followers are all that matter

#PROTIP: The best way to leverage technology for disrupting office pool paradigms is to re-imagine what brackets can be. Here is an NCAA bracket prediction, based on the thought leaders in the field of higher education.

The only criteria that I am using to advance teams in my bracket is sheer number of Twitter followers. The end.

SB Nation 2014 NCAA March Madness Coverage

Find a full printable bracket here. For a real and good bracket predictions, head over here.

South Regional

South Regional champ: No. 10 @Stanford.

Check My $tat$ 194K followers, 8,8K tweets

#STRAT Chat On Twitter, Content Is King. @Stanford shares loads of valuable media, linking to academic studies, YouTube lectures, the latest sporting updates and other activities of note on campus. If you are what you share, Stanford is a person who says they work hard and play hard — and means it!

Tweet of Record

East Regional

Midwest Regional Champ: No. 12 @Harvard

Check my $tat$ $346K followers, 20.8K tweets.

#STRAT Chat Harvard. Ever heard of it? You don't need a Harvard degree to know that is a rhetorical question. What you _might_ not know is that following @Harvard on Twitter is actually an honorary degree from the university in and of itself. They will send you a .edu e-mail address, which you can put in your Twitter bio. People will respect you.

Most representative tweet

Representative retweet

West Regional

West Regional Champs: No. 2 @UWMadison

Check my $tat$ 61.8K followers, 30.7K tweets

#STRAT chat The @UWMadison Twitter strat boils down to two things: Photos of people with their fingers in the shape of a W, and sometimes other stuff if there's time. The #engagement factor here is strong and must be respected.

Representative tweet

Midwest Regional

Midwest Regional Champion: @UTAustin

Check my $tat$ 73K followers, 11K tweets.

#STRAT Chat The strat is bigger in Texas, and it's also simple: Just keep tweetin'!


Final Four

No. 12 @Harvard over No. 10 @Stanford

Two clean handles. Two top institutions of higher learning. One winner: @Harvard.

No. 10 @UTAustin over No. 2 @UWMadison

Two near-identical handles. Two large state research institutions. One winner: @UTAustin

#STRATcket Championship Game

No. 12 @Harvard over No. 10 @UTAustin

@UTAustin might win in #sports, but this is #strat. Congratulations, @Harvard! Your influence is unimpeachable.

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