Madness in Memphis: What's happening with the Grizzlies?

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Surprise front office firings, an owner challenging players to games of one-on-one and a coach who comes back after never going away: It's the Memphis Grizzlies! This calls for a deep dive on the Drive & Kick podcast.

Last week, Robert Pera, the previously silent owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, abruptly fired team president Jason Levien That led coach Dave Joerger, with ownership approval, to interview for the Minnesota Timberwolves job only to pull back at the last minute after a heart-to-heart with the owner who wanted him out six games into his first season on the job.

Man about Memphis Chris Herrington of the Commercial-Appeal joins us on the Drive & Kick to make sense of all this.

The rundown:

  • What happened between Levien and Pera?
  • Herrington explains that assistant GM Stu Lash was collateral damage, not the precursor to Levien's departure.
  • What does this mean for John Hollinger? (Chris puts it at 70 percent that Hollinger will stay with the franchise.)
  • Is Chris Wallace more than an interim replacement as general manager? Why he will likely play a role with the team.
  • Robert Pera, man of mystery. Herrington calls him a Gatsby-esque character.
  • Chris also notes that Pera's Twitter Q&A may have helped his standing in Memphis.
  • Where does he fit in with the new wave of NBA owners?
  • Are the Grizzlies more stable than appearances?
  • Joerger's flirtation with the Wolves job and how a phone call changed everything.
  • Speaking of mysteries, who is David Mincberg and what's his role with the franchise?
  • After all this, are the on-court Grizzlies still the Grizzlies that we've come to know over the past few years.

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