Germany win by going back to their roots

When an attractive Germany side failed in 2010, it looked like they might not have to wait long until they won a World Cup. Germany won tonight, but it wasn't that side - this was vintage Deutschland, living up to every stereotype.

Germany win the World Cup in extra time

Germany were crowned 2014 World Cup winners with a 1-0 victory over Argentina.

Manuel Neuer, Paul Pogba win World Cup awards

More of the FIFA World Cup award winners have been announced.

Watch Germany react to their goal vs. Argentina

Here's some pretty amazing video from Berlin.

Debunking the 'FIFA Corruption' Twitter account

There's a Twitter account gaining lots of attention for allegedly proving FIFA is corrupt. One problem: It's all fake.

World Cup final Google Doodle is full of surprises

This is a lot of fun!

LeBron James films streaker on pitch at World Cup

"Man that was hilarious."

Carmelo Anthony officially announces his return

The second NBA superstar announcement of the week came via Melo's personal website.


Rockets decline to match offer for Parsons

The Rockets had until Sunday to match the offer sheet for Chandler Parsons and opted against doing so, making him a Dallas Maverick.

Russia ready to spend $20 billion on World Cup

Not only will Russia be building or retrofitting their 12 stadiums, but they'll also be spending billions on infrastructure.

Leo Messi was the saddest man to receive a trophy

What happens when you're called on stage to receive a trophy moments after losing the World Cup? Lionel Messi showed us.

Carmelo couldn't win

The 30-year-old superstar had to choose between financial security and contention, but he's subject to criticism either way even though neither choice was ideal.

LeBron's Cavs contract is for just 2 years

LeBron James' deal with Cleveland will not be for the maximum amount of time. Instead, it gives James the ability to become a free agent again when the new TV deal kicks in.

LeBron's decision reveals his humanity

Why is LeBron James going home to the Cleveland Cavaliers? For the same reason anyone else does: It makes him feel comfortable.

The right decision

Even if it doesn't mean the easiest path to a championship, the return of the King to Cleveland means a young roster has the best leader it could ever hope for.

The complex workings of a Tour de France team

Just as eight riders help one man win the Maillot Jaune, it takes a near-batallion of support to make a Tour de France team function on a daily basis. And yet for all of the diligent work, well-laid plans still rest on hope.

Wiggins, Parker take over Summer League

The top two picks in the draft made their unofficial NBA debuts in front of a packed gym in Las Vegas.

Ian Thorpe: 'I'm comfortable saying I'm a gay man'


"I could have lived a very different life if I'd been out," Australian gold medal swimmer says.

Every signing and trade in one place

There's going to be a lot of player movement in the NBA this summer. Keep up to date with all of it here.

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MLB All-Star Game 2014

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