The Week in Worst is over here missing dunks

What an NBA Playoffs! Everyone is really managing to take their game down a couple of notches.

GIF recap: West is best on Wednesday

Two blowouts in the East. One grinding battle in the West. Relive the night in .gifs.

The worst NBA plays of the week

We're just going around punching referees in the privates now? Well, okay; carry on then.

So many terrible NBA passes

We were able to make nearly an entire Week in Worst out of just awful, awful, atrocious NBA passes. It's okay though; the plays are almost as bad when the passes work.

The Week in Worst is Mavs-tastic

It's another bad, bad week in the NBA. We're here to showcase the worst plays of the week with GIFs and video.

Hope you like airballs

It's another fantastic week in the NBA. And still no one can make a dang basket.

The worst NBA of the week

Another week, another round of bad NBA plays. We've collected the worst of the worst for you, in GIF form.

The worst basketball of the week

It's the triumphant(?) return of the Week in Worst! Now with basketball!

The worst of Championship Sunday

The Super Bowl is set! Let's hope it's better than the Championship Games were!

Hypnosis, dogpiles and other crap

Once again, we've rounded up the worst NFL plays of the week and made GIFs out of them. Even in the playoffs, there's still terrible football.


Terrible postseason football

The playoffs are here! ... When does the football get good?

Crappy new year, everyone!

It sure was the last week of the 2012 NFL regular season. Tony Romo, take a bow.

A Week in Worst Christmas!

It was a festive week for many, yet bad performances continued to plague professional sports. Where will it end?

The worst NFL plays we could find

This is the first edition of the Week in Worst that features male nudity. You've been warned.

The NFL is awful and here's proof

When it comes to people screwing up, the NFL never disappoints. Here's the worst of the worst for Week 14.

Awful NFL plays

Jump kicks, flips and laterals to nobody. Once again, it's the Week in Worst.

The worst of the NFL

One of our favorite holidays was paired with some awful football. We assembled quite a spread of GIFs for your amusement.

GIFs of awful football

Each week, we bring you the worst sports plays of the past seven days. Here are the worst NFL plays of Week 11, in convenient GIF form.

The worst NFL plays of the week

Once again, the NFL stunk up the joint. Here are the week's worst plays, in GIF form.

The worst of the NFL

The Week in Worst is here once again to bring you the least-good NFL plays of the past seven days. Many feature the Dallas Cowboys.

The worst plays of the week, in animated form

We say "farewell" to bad baseball and "what, you again?" to bad football. Join us for the worst sports GIFs of the week.

The worst plays of the week

MLB is heading into the World Series and the NFL is heading into the middle of the season. Thankfully, there are still plenty of bad plays to be found.

Professional athletes just keep getting worse

The baseball postseason has been pretty bad. Luckily, Week 6 of the NFL was bad, too!

Not even professionals are good at sports

A living legend leaves us with a lasting memory and a fat guy looks bewildered. Such is the nature of the worst plays of the week.

Athletes mess everything up

In the second-to-last week of regular-season baseball and Week 4 of the 2012 NFL season, athletes are STILL making mistakes! Who taught these guys how to play sports, anyway?

The best sports GIFs of the week

Which type of animated GIF do we value the most? The funny ones, the strange ones, or the ones that seem impossible? In Week 19, we'll find out. Vote, and help us determine a champion.

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