NFL Analysis And Play Breakdowns

Put all NFL blog analysis and play breakdowns here.

Bills at Dolphins: Miami Defensive Snap Counts


This past Sunday, the Miami Dolphins defeated the Buffalo Bills 24-10, leveling the season series at one win apiece. On Monday, we took a look at the Dolphins' offensive snap counts, today, we take...

Dolphins Tannehill to Bush 1st Quarter Touchdown


The Miami Dolphins took a 7-0 lead on the Buffalo Bills with 2:54 remaining in the first quarter. The score came on a 17-yard pass from quarterback Ryan Tannehill to running back Reggie Bush....

Behind the Steel GIFs

The struggles of Ben Rothlisberger lead to a disappointing December.

Pokorny's Game Review: At Least There's Smelley


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I had a great day and ended up finishing off in the closing hours by reviewing Cleveland's 34-12 loss to Denver. This week' game review includes what I saw...

Positional Analysis: Week 16 at Jacksonville


The Patriots looked hung over in what looked like a potential walkover against the Jaguars. In a game that came down to the last play, the visitors managed to escape with an ugly win.

Breaking down the data: Raiders vs. Panthers


Not the smoothest victory, the Panthers were able to overcome injury and penalty to beat Oakland.

Cowboys Snapcounts: Downroster Players In Focus


We look at the snapcounts from the Saints game, with a specific eye on some of the backups and downroster guys who are getting extended and meaningful NFL snaps right now - especially in a loss.

All-22: Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Zone-Read


We take a look at the coach's film of the Seattle Seahawks' rushing success in its third straight victory.

The schematics of a questionable fake punt


On Sunday night, there were two teams that ran fake punts in their respective games: The 49ers playing on the road against the Patriots, and the Seahawks playing in Canada against the Bills.

Film review of the Ravens


Breaking down some of the key plays from Baltimore's loss to Denver last Sunday. What can the Giants find to take advantage of?

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