Winter Olympics 2010

Olympic Village To Be Converted To Mixed-Use Space (So The City Can Make Its Billion Back)

With the close of the Vancouver Olympics, preparations are underway to turn the athletes' village into a thriving waterfront community. And that had better work, or the city's gonna take quite a...

Russian Olympic Chief Resigns In Brilliant Career Move

↵After suffering through their worst winter games in recent history, the head of the Russian Olympic effort resigned yesterday. Leonid Tyagachev oversaw Russia's 11th place finish, and will...

Ryan Miller Gets Bigger Ovation Than Sidney Crosby In Pittsburgh

Ryan Miller was honored in Pittsburgh along with all the other Olympians and received the largest ovation even though he was the visiting goaltender.

A Symphony Of Split-Second Olympic Results

Canada's Christine Nesbitt won gold in Women's Speed Skating 1000m in Vancouver by just 0.02 seconds. Such a close margin is difficult to really understand -- after all, it's roughly the same...

Russia Infuriated With Olympic Effort. You Might Want To Run.

Russia came into the Olympics with what might be termed "inflated" expectations about their anticipated medal count. Sure, they got three gold and 15 medals overall, but this lags well behind the...

USA-Canada Overnight Rating Shatters Everything Since 1980

Sunday's gold medal hockey game drew a 17.6 overnight rating, the best hockey rating since 1980.

Faces Of The 2010 Winter Olympics: Johnny Weir Should Marry Lady Gaga

Now that the Olympics have concluded, take a look back at some of the most enduring personalities from the games with this nifty photo gallery from Vanity Fair. If you're like us, chances are...

Sochi, Russia...You're Officially On The Clock

There's a strong possibility the first time you ever heard of Sochi was during the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Well you're going to hear a lot more about it in the future...

USA Wins Total Medal Count, But All Your Gold Are Belong To Canada

Canada's goal for 2010 Vancouver was to "Own the Podium." They did not. The United States did (pauses for requisite chants of "U-S-A!"). â†µThe U.S. won a total of 37 medals during the 17 days...

Don Cherry's Suit Can Be Used To Clean Vinyls

Here's CBC Olympic hockey commentator Don Cherry just before Sunday's USA-Canada ahockeylypse. Don Cherry's suit is made out of the material they use to make Crown Royal bags.↵ ↵Don...

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