Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl XLVI, Tom Brady, And The Confusing Pantheon Of QB Greatness

Tom Brady had a chance to join the class of Joe Montana. Instead, it looks like he's behind Eli Manning. Who isn't as good as Peyton. Whom Brady dominated. Are you confused yet?

Brandon Jacobs' Metaphor For Giants' Dominance Of Patriots Is Medieval

Brandon Jacobs' thoughts on what the Giants did to the Patriots bring back what commoners did to unjust kings back in the day.

VIDEO: Deion Sanders Sings To Eli Manning

Here's video of Deion Sanders singing "I believe in Eli" to Eli Manning.

PHOTO: Robert Kraft's Suite Guests Look Sad, Angry

The agony of defeat photo: A look inside Robert Kraft's suite.

Wes Welker's Drop, And The Moment The Patriots Lost The Super Bowl

The Wes Welker drop didn't win the Super Bowl for the Giants, but it might have lost the game for the Patriots. Check out video from Sunday's biggest turning point.

ANIMATED: Ahmad Bradshaw Scores Accidental Touchdown

Here's the Ahmad Bradshaw gif. It's the best.

PHOTO: Tom Brady Brings 'Bradyfaces' To Super Bowl XLVI

Tom Brady has made some key contributions to the New England Patriots offense so far in Super Bowl XLVI. He has also made some key contributions to society at large with the proliferation of "Bradyface."

ANIMATED: Aaron Hernandez Makes It Rain

Aaron Hernandez scored a touchdown in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, so he decided to open the safe, take the money and make it rain all over the end zone. In pantomime, at least.

You Down With JPP? Or Feeling O-L-D?

Like many of you, I'm trying to figure out what's so Whiskey Tango Foxtrot about the "JPP" song NBC played going into a commercial. See, it's like "O.P.P.," but it's "J.P.P." And if that wasn't...

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Pepsi Tells World Elton John Keeps Flavor Flav In His Basement

Elton John spends upwards of $38 million a month on flowers.* I understand that. He needs money, and Pepsi's like, "Hey, Elton. Do you like money? We understand you do. Here's some money." He's...

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