MLB Designated Columnists

Topps 2014: Cards go to WAR, but decline continues

It's been a dry few years for the card designers at Topps. Does this year's model show any improvement?

The Super Bowl is over; now it’s our time

Baseball is back -- momentarily. The clock began the countdown the moment the Super Bowl's fourth quarter expired. P.S.: Baseball players don't have to make a big deal of going to Disney World -- they'll already be there.

Cosart's 'idiots' are actually quite reasonable

The concern isn't that his ERA will rise from 1.95; that's a given. It's just how far it will rise that is provoking cries of "regression" rather than unrealistic expectations.

Who's at fault, Burnett or the Pirates?

Burnett was going to retire or pitch for the Pirates, but now it looks like he'll do neither.

Fanfest nation: 'Access' and game-worn pants

Every winter, teams across the majors gift fans with a convention-like event devoted to autographs, season tickets... and also a good deal of complaining.

Tanaka: 1 man CAN make a difference (but will he?)

The Yankees get their man, and maybe that will be enough.

Will the Braves be forced to trade their closer?

Rising salaries plus a stagnant payroll may make it difficult for the Braves to keep their core together in the years to come.

Adopting random favorite baseball players

It's not always about being great at baseball, sometimes it's just about the person playing the game.

Dodgers make the safest of $215 million bets

Money itself may be a form of slavery, but in Kershaw there is freedom.

Dr. SB Nation: How to fix the San Diego Padres

We continue to play doctor with bad baseball teams, this week paying a house call to the San Diego Padres.

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