Complete NHL Lockout Coverage

Even if there's an NHL lockout, everybody (who has a say) still gets paid


Money for everybody! Even if there's an NHL lockout, owners and players will see money added to their bank accounts.

Larry Brooks' Buzzword of the Day: Management Rights Clause

The NHL's decision to ask for a "Management Rights" clause is essentially an end to the idea that the NHL and the NHLPA are "partners" in worrying about the business of the world's best...

F*** The Owners


Hey, owners: fuck you. You suck and I hate you. I'm so goddamn sick of your stupid bullshit and I wish you'd all... go to a different place that isn't this earthly plane. (Die.) You guys are so...

Are $240 million in losses to be believed?

Renaud Lavoie of RDS is setting tongues wagging this afternoon, with an anonymous "tip" from inside the NHL that seeks to build sympathy for reining in player salaries. But can the league really be...

2012 NHL CBA: Passion without unity

While fan discontent is bubbling over at the threat of a NHL work stoppage, the discontent lacks teeth because fans lack unity and organization.

CBA For Dummies - By A Dummy

Are the NHL owners really money hungry pigs? Will the NHLPA prevail and return to their adoring public? I don't know, but I attempt to digest all the CBA news that I've read and regurgitate in up...



Taking a long, hard look at the NHL's CBA negotiations, and what a lockout is likely to cost Columbus both as a hockey club and a hockey market.

2012 NHL CBA: Arguing against an oft talked about subject

Though it's been thrown out by idle fans over the years, contract restructuring and renegotiation in the 2012 NHL labor negotiations does not seem like it a discussed subject.

The NHL CBA PR Battle and Other Assorted Letters

As long as there's a PR battle going on in the CBA negotiations, both sides are winning (no matter who's losing).

Bettman: We can lockout because you'll be back -- and he's right


Gary Bettman isn't worried about a lockout. It'll result in more money for his owners, and in the end, you'll be back. We're the greatest enablers the sports world has ever seen.

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