Prada's Pictures

Picture breakdowns of the NBA, by Mike Prada.

Why Pop benched Duncan


Gregg Popovich made the gutsy decision to sit Tim Duncan down the stretch of the Spurs' Game 6 win over the Warriors. We show you why Popovich made the move and why it ended up working so well.

KD's impossible shot attempts


Sure, Kevin Durant went 2 for his last 14 in the Thunder's narrow Game 4 loss to the Grizzlies, but just look at how difficult all those shot attempts were.


Indiana's near-perfect defense

What was the key to the Pacers' stifling defense in Game 3 against the Knicks? A perfectly-executed philosophy that cut off the three-point line and was enhanced by standout individual defensive performances.

How the empire struck back


The Heat's offense looked completely different in Game 2 than it did in Game 1. How did Miami bounce back and adjust to the Bulls' defense?

Bulls buck hero ball

Chicago bucked hero ball and ran legitimate, devastating plays to close out Miami in Game 1.

Solving the Roy Hibbert problem


The New York Knicks were constantly stonewalled in Game 1 by Roy Hibbert and a Pacers defensive scheme that is not a secret in NBA circles. What did Indiana do so well, and how can New York fare better as this series progresses?

Stephen Curry's greatest hits


Stephen Curry hit more difficult shots in the Warriors' six-game series win over the Nuggets than any other player hit all season. We look back at some of Curry's most memorable field goals.

Film review: Were the Nuggets dirty?


Do Mark Jackson's claims that the Denver Nuggets "tried to send hit men" to attack Stephen Curry in Tuesday's Game 5 have any validity. We go to the tape to find out.

The importance of Jackson's aggression


With Russell Westbrook sidelined, Reggie Jackson takes on added importance in the Thunder's offense. He will be ignored often so teams can double-team Durant. We look at how he adjusted to those situations in Monday's Game 4 in Houston.

Curry can thank the Nuggets' defense


Stephen Curry put on a show in Game 4 of the Warriors' series against the Nuggets. How much can we blame Denver's defense? A lot, actually.

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