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Bears Playbook - (Not) Defending the Read Option


The read option is often called a "college offense," but it made the Bears defense look like a Pop Warner team. Here's how the Seahawks read their way to a win.

NY Giants vs Washington Redskins 5 key penalties


Each week we run, at Big Blue View, "Five Key Plays" looking back at the most important plays of the previous game. This week, we're going to look at the five key penalties that cost the Giants the...

RG3 to the left


When Redskins QB Robert Griffin III runs to the left, he usually rips off huge chunks of yardage.

Gifs: 3 Favorite Plays from Redskins Win Over NYG


A collection of key plays from the Redskins thrilling Monday Night Football win over the 1st place Giants.

Pokorny's Game Review: Strong Finish in Oakland


The thing you have to consider is this: while Oakland was dealing with their own hurdle on defense, the Browns were dealing with a hurdle of their own -- winning on the road. The Browns finally...

Another New Triple Option Play

Another Redskins game, another new wrinkle to the offense. We breakdown one of the latest formations the Redskins used effectively to beat the Giants on Monday night.

A New Hope


Is there now new hope along the offensive line? Is the offense starting to get playoff ready with an improved running attack and ball control passing game? Or was offense seen on Sunday the rest of...

Analyzing Snap Counts: Browns vs. Raiders, Defense


The defensive stat sheet against Oakland certainly was not as pretty as it was a week ago against the Steelers in terms of extracurricular stats, but they still limited the number of points that...

Analyzing Snap Counts: Browns vs. Raiders, Offense


Before you look at the snap counts, ask yourself the following questions: Was Trent Richardson's workload increased this week? When was the last time Ben Watson had a game like he did against Oakland?


Video Recap - ARI @ NYJ

Join me here as I break down the victory over the Arizona Cardinals!

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